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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Yardsale--$2

Okay, it was held on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. It was 93 degrees out and sweltering. Taking these pictures exhausted me, and sweat was pouring into my eyes. I would not have lasted long today if I were out having "fun."

The sale was in a church parking lot, about two acres of asphalt. It was soooo hot at 10 am last Saturday. The deal was--anything you could get in a bag was $2. The guy told us it could even be hanging out of the bag, he did not care.

First of all, let me tell you what I did not take a picture of just yet--a twin-sized 60/40, cotton/poly, Wamsutta white sheet that does not look washed or used. AND, I got a bread maker.

The breadmaker, sheet, and following items were $2.

red silk Bleu Bayou shirt lists for $23.99 on eBay

never opened book, fun read

Bottles are more brilliantly colored than show in picture.
Popcorn in the left bottle went to hens.

very small bag for granddaughter. 10"x8"

"My First Christmas" Sleeper
Look at the reindeer feet!
gift or resale

two tshirts for a rug, about size 8 and never worn

skirt for granddaughter has a tie string
 that I will replace with elastic for comfort

3 new Christmas napkins

skirt with cute ruffle that I will remove
put on a new top for granddaughter skirt 


White object--to make Jello eggs
Black object--a net like thing--shawl
Doll--I thought I had two
Cheese slicer
Assortment of utensils for others or picnics

I thought this was quite a haul for a flat $2. After this is when I found the multi tool in a parking lot. Remember, I also got a bread maker and a new fitted sheet.

Now, I am giving away some items I have to be able to justify bringing all this home.

Your turn
What good deals did you find this weekend or anytime? 


  1. Wimmera,
    It is actually prettier in real life than in the picture. Thanks.

  2. I had about a dozen of those skirts with the jean tops when I was... oh... about 13. lol. Did they come back in style or is this vintage? Love it!

  3. That is a well spent $2!

    My weekend was with my Grandma for her 90th birthday...I didn't bring home any stuff, but it was time well spent.

  4. Wendy,
    I am not sure if it is vintage or newish. I suspect it is newish because they still sell those. I have made them for daughters and sold them at craft shows. The jean won't fit either grandchild, so I thought I could get the right jean top and have a free skirt.

    I would rather been with my grandmother. Actually, my mother would be 90 if she were alive, so I would be with her if I could. Time well spent is worth more than stuff.

  5. Impressive. How do you do it? A post on garage sale haggling or whatever it is you o would be great!

    I got a few good des but not as good as yours. Tbe weekend is not over yet but I might post about it .

  6. Remember? This was not a haggle situation. The deal was $2 for all you could get in a small store bag. I got lucky this time AND shopped well.


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