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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Free Entertainment--the metal chicken

about ten-feet tall

On the way to the doctor on Tuesday, I passed this chicken and paid a visit on the way back, about 6:30. Of course the shop was closed. At first, I thought this was a chicken wagon, something for amusement or a parade. But, look at the right side of the picture. You can see the chicken's leg go to the ground behind the wheel. The two sets of wheels just sit there. They are attached to nothing, least of all the chicken or each other. I spent about 45 minutes here, peering through the tall chain link fence. I won't tell you what is there. You can see for yourself with no more talking from me. None of these pictures were cropped. The chicken was outside the fence, but for most of the rest, I had to stick my camera lens through the fence.

Shell sign

Cingular sign
Days Inn sign

chairs on the porch roof--to deter theft?

This sink is majorly chained to the homemade table/counter.
That's right!

I love to wander around a place like this. It was cheap entertainment and put a little zip in my day. I am sure I would have stayed longer if I could have gotten inside the building and inside the fence. Okay, I find my amusement where I can! 

Your turn
Do you get pleasure from this kind of venue? I can look and never buy. What is your favorite free place to go and have a look?


  1. I have those chairs and a coupe of those is actually in the house. it looks like a fun place. We have a similar one nearby but I have not visited. I like antique malls for fun. I sometimes buy something cheap but not always.

  2. I wish I had some old chair like that. The new reproductions are just not comfortable--too skimpy. I would love to have a sink like that and a separate counter for it, just like the one it is in. Chicken handling could happen in that huge, deep sink. Maybe I will go by someday when it is open and get to see if there is anything cheap I cannot live without!

  3. That stuff is kind of neat.

    1. I thought it was a feast for the eyes! Thanks!


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