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Friday, June 29, 2012

105 Degrees and Another Intruder

Yes, it is 105 degrees and suiting me just fine.Weather like this with 20% humidity is refreshing compared to our usual heat. If it is 80 degrees out and the humidity is 65%, I die. The more likely 95 degrees with 50-60% humidity is worse than the high temperatures and low humidity of today. It is like I am wrapped in plastic and my skin is suffocating when it is hot and humid. You see, I have a great sweat mechanism. No, I am not glowing or dewy. I sweat! When the humidity is so high, my cooling process, sweating, is thwarted. In this weather, I can cool down.  The 1 mph breeze really helps. I know; friends think I have lost my mind.
 I have dried three loads of clothes today. It is about 4:30 pm and yet another will go on the line when I post this. I may try for five loads today. Things are really drying hard. I mean, the are not soft. That's okay.

Now, for the intruder. This may be the world of insects, too. But, this stinging whatever is too close for comfort. It did get a nice cooling mist when I misted a few things like I do twice a day.  What is it?
Do you see the wasp nest or something hanging on the bottom right of the basket, next to the white pole. . Tonight it dies. Sorry. I am allergic to stings of all sorts.

Your turn
Do you enjoy torrid weather as much as I do? Of course, balmy would be better, about 70 degrees. Do you feel like your skin is suffocating in hot and humid weather?


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Be sure to hit the follow button and I'll do a welcome and plug your blog for you. Now about the weather, I really dread days like these ( 100+ degrees ) since my work entails managing a kitchen. It is always at least 10-15 degrees hotter! Thankfully, this is my last year because I am headed to medical school for radiography full time in about a month.

  2. K,
    Being in a kitchen in this weather is a whole nother story. I would collapse. Radiography will be more fulfilling in every way! Good luck with a new career.

  3. I cannot functioning humid weather. Yesterday was really bad. Today it was still hot but lower humidity. I lived in Vegas over one spring and summer and id really well in dry desert het. That thing looks like a wasps nest but small. Could it be a daubers nest?

  4. LindaM,
    Dry desert heat would be better than this humid rain forest we call Alabama. But, my hands were so dry the skin hurt!

    No idea because they all scare me. Wasp next all start small...

  5. My dad was in the army, Ft. Benning, so many years he said he had blood too thin for northern winters. It couldn't get too hot for him.

  6. Joanne,
    I can imagine. I can get too hot with high humidity. I feel like I am suffocating. Your dady was smart to stay down here. As long as there is ac to escape to, we Southerners are okay. Actually, my front yard with the complete shade coverage there and on the side yards is nice. You don't want to move around much. I can see why porch-sitting and mint juleps were popular! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I'm definitely a penguin... I am absolutely miserable if the lows get above 70... I can handle daytime heat with a siesta, but I need it to be cool at night... So far this summer the weather has been accommodating... I just hope we can get a good soaking rain soon.

    P.S. I followed K over here...

  8. I don't like hot weather one bit, my time in Egypt taught me that! Although if I have to I can find a way to stand it!

    Poor wasp!

  9. John,
    Air conditioning is a must for me, day and night. Especially, at night I must be in a cold room to sleep. While I don't suffer if the heat is over 100, the humidity must be low. Now that the house is holding the heat, I am less Come back again.

    My way to tolerate this hot weather indoors is ac. If I lost the ac, you would hear great wails from me. A friend lived in Egypt without ac and did not like it either.

  10. Forest,
    I forgot to burn the wasp and nest, so you may collect him as your


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