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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bread Machines and Sewing Machines: Reselling

fresh loaf

At one time I had all the ingredients for home made bread. I used a $3, secondhand bread machine.  Since then, I find bread machines everywhere I go, it seems. I clean them up, test them, eat the bread, and put them up for sale while I am enjoying the bread. I sold one yesterday (Actually, I wrote this two weeks ago) for $16. 

Most bread machines I find are barely used, if ever. Some look like maybe one loaf was baked. I always bake at least one loaf to determine if the machine really works. One bread machine made bread, had the dough setting, made butter, made jam! That cost me $2.50 and I sold it for $25.

Yes, I know all about the Zen of bread making and kneading. I am happy with the Zen of canning and sewing. Kneading causes me pain, so knock it off. I am perfectly happy to let the bread machine do it's little thing. No, I don't want it to knead so I can bake in the oven. Knock it off.

This mix was Hodgson's Mill, $3.95. It was herb and cheese something. It tasted like focaccia bread! I dipped it in olive oil when I ate it--pure heaven.  I sliced off the mounded part that always occurs and ate it hot with butter, first thing.

After a discount on the bread mix, $2 or $2.50 for the machine, less than $4 for the mix. I suppose I made $10. I want to get rid of some items for little, not hold out for a larger price. The man was fascinated that I asked $16 instead of $15 and wanted to know why. I just said, "That seemed like the right price."

The bread machine I keep for myself is still packed in the box it was sold in. It was never taken out when I bought it. I paid the exorbitant price of $4 for it. I watched the man unseal the factory tape.

Oh, this machine had three manuals for bread machines plus about 20 pages of bread recipes, all 20 pages printed from the Internet. I gave the man the manual and recipe book for the machine I sold him. I kept the other recipe book and printouts for me.

I also buy sewing machines and cabinets and sell them. But, I have not bought a sewing machine in several years. One machine and cabinet cost me $5. I placed an ad that said I wanted $30, that I had not adjusted or cleaned it, but it sewed. I also stated that if it did not sell and I had the chance to clean and adjust it, the price would be $40. The phone rang off the hook. The cabinet was solid wood, a little Queen Anne cabinet. It is prettier than my machine cabinet with my first machine, but I want my cabinet, not the cabinet that belonged to someone else.

By the way, I can adjust and thread any of the older machines, any model without a manual. Friends call me over to help with their inherited machines.  I have not tried many newer machines, but given time, I am sure I could figure it Besides, all that information is online.

Sewing machines and bread machines sell like hotcakes. I could sell dozens with one ad!

Your turn
Have you ever bought a used bread machine? Used sewing machine? Were either of them purchased for resale? Do you ever buy things, specific things for resale?  You know I am always looking for a good story!


  1. What a good idea PP ! I had a bread machine at my previous home, but it got left in the move which was rather quick and unplanned shall we say !
    However, I don't really miss it because I get good quality bread greatly reduced here, and I don't use a lot living alone anyway.
    I might just try to get a breadmaker from Freecycle and sell it on.
    I don't usually 'buy to sell' there are tax laws here about that - ! I wouldn't end up with much profit I'm afraid.
    I do however, have an Etsy shop where I 'make to sell' and am registered with the appropriate tax authorities by the way - just in case anyone from UK Tax office is reading this !
    I'm enjoying your blog, so much to read, so little time.
    take care

  2. LOL...good to know someone, somewhere gets free bread machines. There are not many things I buy to resell, but if a bread machine makes sounds when plugged in, I get it for a couple of dollars. I can most likely fix a sewing machine, so I just get them without hearing if they run.

    Keep the tax people happy. Remember the postage will be horrendous on a bread machine.

    I am glad you enjoy coming here!

  3. I thinkyou could fix a newer machine with practice. I don't buy many appliances but it's a good idea to think about resale.

  4. I think that's a great idea! Some people like freshly baked bread but don't have the time to knead it and bake it--a lot of bread machines have timers for that.

    I got one for Christmas years ago and I have used mine quite a bit.

  5. I have a garage full of "stuff" that I buy second hand and justify by telling myself that one of these days I am going to have garage sale and make a big fat profit. Mind you I haven't had a garage sale in maybe 8 or 9 years. Who am I fooling? Ha Ha

    My favorite thrift store recently changed hands. I am so sad about it. This store had been great fun for me. I decorated this house, clothed grandchildren and bought toy boxes full of almost new items by shopping there. I truly believe that if I looked long enough I could find absolutely anything that anyone could want or need.

  6. Janet,
    Then, have a garage sale! It's about time! LOL

    Friends who want something ask me to keep an eye out. Sure enough, in a few days I find what they want. Sometimes, I even have what it needed right here in the house. When I upholstered, I had to buy a 6 ft piece of foam to cut one cushion. The piece of foam that was left was in plastic, so it was clean and out of light so it was stil white. My friend did not want to spend fabric store prices for foam and asked me the best place to purchase it or get it cheaper. I gave her the remnant I had.

    Thid mskes me sound like a hoarder, but it was certainly not that.

    I am also getting rid of projects I will never complete.

    At least you had good, clean fun, and have a well-decorated house on the cheap and grandchildren whose parents did not have to spend a small fortune on clothes. Win Win.


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