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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rhubarb Seeds Arrived

Going to bed

Beth of Red Barn Farm sent me the rhubarb seeds she promised. Yippee! I have been feeling puny since they arrived. But, I was going to put them in soil to germinate and post a picture of soil and thank her. So, thanks, Beth! When I feel unpuny, they will start germinating.

I still have a fever and it feels like I am peeing hot coals and razor blades. I have to drink more. I will fill my water bottle and take it to bed.  Now, to get the energy to go  get it! I took the picture from here and used the zoom against my better judgment. It worked okay.

If the raccoon goes after the hens again, they are on their own while I am in bed. Since the raccoon is one of the "cat food raccoons" that neighbors think it's cute to feed, maybe he never had dinner run away before.


  1. Glad the seeds made it there. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and try some cranberry juice.

  2. I was so ill that I was not eating or drinking. I remedied that. Cranberry juice? Long story. I snapped out of my fasting mode and started drinking a pint of water every hour. I really want gravy!


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