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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Saturday and Plants (Hosta in Particular)

The oats I made were nasty last night because I accidentally bought quick oats and then put too much sugar in them. That bowl of oats went to Dominique, and I had cheese melted on toast under the broiler.

J came over for about two hours and helped me get junk off the floor and vacuumed some. Now, I need to sort it into stuff to be thrown out or items of value.  Even though I lay on the bed the whole time, or sat on the bed, I am still sore and tired. Then, I spilled, kicked over, dirt where a seed was sprouting and died. So, she needs to come back and vacuum again for me. This is very discouraging.

My sedum is turning pink, so fall is on its way. The sedum will continue to darken until is a cranberry color. I love this plant. I thought it froze last winter, but it came back. The other day, leaves were falling. It always amazes me how leaves will fall in July when it is in the middle of summer with Fall so far away.

The Hosta did not emerge on time this year. Then, most of it did not come up at all. The Hosta that did emerge was about a foot across instead of three feet across. Then, it disappeared! I am not sure what happened. Does anyone else know? These have been the steadiest plants I have other than trees! Earlier this summer, someone on another blog mentioned their Hosta was not coming up. Any thoughts? I do know it is not a lack or rain or too much rain. I had them in different places in the yard and in pots. It's a mystery.

Today was one of the most beautiful and pleasant days. It was not too hot; humidity was low. Skies were blue. We had great weather with no rain or storms. I did nothing out of doors. But, festivals were all over. J went to Smith Lake and swam and lay on a towel and got a sunburn. I think she may be one of the whitest people on earth, blond hair and fair skin.

It's late. I feel horrid because my back hurts!. But, I still need to fix dinner. It is 10:30 but dinner is just a matter of heating cooked food, thankfully.

Your turn
How was the weather at your place today? Do you notice when the leaves start falling in July or August way ahead of when we think they should fall? Has anyone had Hosta not emerge this year or not behave as they usually do?


  1. nasty oatmeal is a disappointment.
    no hosts here - too hot and dry!
    August is hot/bit humid and no fun

    1. urapo,
      And, I am so foolish as to try eating some again last night. Today, I am going to the store and buying the kind I usually buy!

      Wow, no Hosta!


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