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Friday, August 11, 2017

A Small Success

Today J helped me for a while. After she worked inside we went to the car wash to vacuum my car and put in generic floor mats. I found them on sale at WM last winter and am just now getting them installed. As she got out of the car at the carwash, she asked if I minded if she smoked half a cigarette. Of course, it was okay. We had the small $1 milkshakes that is a special at Arby's between 3pm and 5 pm, so I had that to finish.

She turned and said, "Oh, I cut down on cigarettes like you said. I used to smoke a cigarette every hour and now I am smoking a half cigarette ever hour. So, I cut down half." Of course, I was pleased for her.

There is a car vac in the trunk that plugs into the cigarette lighter, so she will use that to clean the console and cup holder. It's a disgrace! I got a free set of car detailing brushes from Harbor Freight.

Her bf won't eat beans of any sort, even as a side dish. He must have meat twice, maybe three times, each day. So, we have planned a session of making bean burgers. I told her to make them spicy like he prefers and call them "Cowboy Burgers." He won't even eat baked beans!  I think he thinks eating beans is a sign of deprivation. He would probably eat meat loaf from beans, with maybe a burger sized bit of ground beef. I love beans in the winter, especially. My kitchen is hot enough in the summer without cooking beans for hours!

We got a chair uncovered today, and sorting accomplished. By uncovered, I mean I can see the chair! She threw out a 30 gallon trash bag of old paper, mail, and coupon inserts. When she went home for lunch and to apply for a job, she left a box of papers up high so I did not have to bend to get them or lift. I sorted those while she was gone!

My yard needs mowing, so I hope the rain stops for a few days. She will do that, too. It must have rained every day for two weeks, so far. And, I get very little compared to the places in Birmingham and out in the counties that are flooding.

For her dinner, I gave her a large can of chicken (what she wanted when I asked her what she could use for dinner). She will figure out something to do with it to make a tasty meal. She gave me three car cigarette lighter usb ports. So, I will have one and exbf will have one. I cannot find mine. He has none. Now, he does! I think mine is in the plastic box we will empty tomorrow and put the contents where they should be.

Your turn
If you smoke and quit, how did you quit? What did you accomplish today or lately, great or small?


  1. I just smoked a little in college during finals- we actually had a cigarette machine in the dorm! I've never had the habit and haven't had a cigarette for many years. My dad was a chain smoker so I have been exposed to a lot of second hand smoke and my late husband also smoked until we had out third child. Yesterday I did accomplish a lot but mainly paperwork with my job. We have a big audit of our files in early October so we're getting ready for that ugh. Soon it will be my favorite time of year- from September to January. I'm thinking I'm going to bake something sweet today. I'm in the mood diet or not!

  2. Never was a smoker. Thankfully it didn't appeal to me.

  3. Thankfully I never got started. I tried one in high school and nearly choked to death on it. Yuck. Also, too cheap to buy them. I can't believe the price of them now!

    Did you ever hear the joke about the Scots/Iriah man? The Irish half of him wanted a drink and the Scots half was too cheap to buy it.

  4. I wish your J were in Birmingham today. I could use some help!

  5. I too was never a smoker. I could never fathom why on earth anyone would do so.


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