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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Lunch and Music

Today, I went to the lunch where they use real dishes and utensils. These lunches just keep getting better and better!

The menu for today was seasonal as they all are. We had at least a 1.cup of chicken salad on two Romaine leaves. The guy next to me offered it to me when I asked them to save scraps they were not going to eat for my chicken. He offered his, which I took ate right then! So, I had at least a cup of chicken salad and four whole Romaine leaves.

My plate had a piece of cantaloupe which came home for Dominique.  I ate the spicy muffin with coconut in it after I got home and had my hair cut.

There was a huge square of  red Jello salad made with Cool Whip and cottage cheese in it. Maybe it had pineapple in it.

Chicken salad on 2 Romaine leaves x 2
Cantaloupe for Dominique
Red Jello salad
Spicy Muffin eaten later
bowl of watermelon
2 glasses of unsweetened tea

Plus, I sat at the table for six where a couple was sitting. Later, we talked. She is a retired schoolteacher. Nice couple.

The program was a group of mandolin players. Six women and two men played for a good long time, but no one was ready for them to stop. However, lunch was ready.

The Appalachian or lap dulcimer is an American instrument, not one brought here.  Apparently, no one knew that "Love Me Tender" is a pre-Civil War tune, "Aura Lee." Well, the dulcimer players did.  It is beautiful played on the dulcimer.

Playlist for today:
Wildwood Flower
Oh, Susannah
Little Log Cabin in the Lane/Lily of the Valley
Aura Lee and singing
Happy Land
Come Now, Fount of Every Blessing
Amazing Grace--a request for everyone to sing

There were several more I cannot remember.

Here is a Tennessee Music Box style dulcimer. I want one like the one at the head of this post.The guy is playing and eventually starts to sing Aura Lee..

The group played about a dozen songs. Now, I want a dulcimer! Seriously, I need a dulcimer. Of course, all that stands in my way is money to buy one.

Your turn
Who wants to come to lunch with me? Does anyone play a dulcimer? Have one? Maybe your relatives play this quaint instrument that sits on the lap? Have you ever heard "Aura Lee"?


  1. No Dulcimers yet, but my 2nd son is very interested in it. As for Aura Lee - yes, I know it well. It makes me cry though, as it was my Great Aunt's (like a grandmother to me) song she loved.

    1. Jennifer,
      Maybe your son and I will get one! What a bittersweet memory. It's not a bad thing to cry over a song that is a favorite of a grandmother.

  2. Not only was the tune Aura Lee and Love Me Tender, but it was also the now defunct Tuscaloosa High School's alma mater tune.
    I learned to play Aura Lee on the uke back when it was a dorky instrument. I have played around on a Dulcimer before but can't really play one. I do love the sound though.

    1. Anne,
      I am not from around here, but I will ask exbf if he knew that fact. I hope you still can play the ukulele. I only have played the piano, but I don't think with my hand problems, I can play it now.

    2. Anne,
      Even though he is near Tuscaloosa, he was not aware of it being the alma mater tune.

  3. You sure do have a talent for finding good places for lunch! Those places may exist here, but I have never heard of them.

    I have always thought it would be great to be able to play the dulcimer. I love the sound. My mother played the cello, violin, guitar and piano. Sadly, none of that musical talent was passed down to me. I guess I have to be content just listening to the music.

  4. Vicki,
    I watch the page for community happenings to find these. So far, I have found 8 opportunities to eat each month at four different places.

    My brother played the violin, another brother and sister played the guitar. I could play the piano, but probably no more. I have been content to just listen for so many years. This is something I decided to do, never having any thought at all to play the dulcimer. Your mother sounds very musically talented. Well, you quilt and can.

  5. Dulcimer music and a voice like June Carter or her family members. Is there anything more lovely? I have never cared for country but love bluegrass with fiddles, etc. My husband picked up a dulcimer somewhere, I wonder what he did with it. I cannot even play a kazoo.

    1. carol,
      I like old country music but not the new so much. Bluegrass is wonderful music. Did he play it? Oh, I cannot play a tambourine! But, I will play a dulcimer!


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