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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Free Lunch Almost and a Small Economy

Someone gave me another $5 Panera Bread gift card. So, it was about a quarter I owed. I forgot how much exactly. I had turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, cheese and their special sauce. Plus, I had the choice of pastry, chips, or apple. I chose the apple, taking my chances it would be edible. The apple was fresh and bruise-free, a win for me.

A $5 gift card is just right for me! I think a turkey sandwich is the cheapest sandwich they sell, and just the sandwich I really want. Since I paid $0.69 for an apple at WM, the apple with the sandwich at Panera gift card is a good deal. Plus, Dominique loves the core.

Since I was gifted a Sunday newspaper, I can save $1.75+ tax, a small economy. I have cut the coupons and there is nothing that is worth purchasing another newspaper.

Oh, last week or the week before there was a coupon for $3 off Ball or Kerr canning jars and another for the pretty twisted jars. I cannot think of what they call them, but they are new this year. Maybe it is "sharing jars"? I won't be sharing those! The coupons may be available on the internet. The coupon is good until some time in the first week of September.

J found over $1 under the car seats, another small economy or maybe a place to save change? I have also been finding pennies in my driveway right where I get out of the car and walk into the house. ??? And, I found a penny in a parking lot the other day.

Today was the most beautiful day, but it was so humid. The grass is not growing as fast as it was a few weeks ago, thankfully. I was able to walk around the yard a bit, just looking at things. There are huge limbs and small ones that need to be picked up and taken to the road.  I did not dare bend to pick up anything. It was very difficult to get back up the stairs as it was.

The eclipse list is made. Now, I am getting things in one place and in a tote bag. By this time next week, everything needs to be in place! I don't want to figure out something is out of place and cannot be found! I want to take everything I need and purchase nothing on the road. Exbf will put in the gas.

Your turn
What small economies have come your way lately? Or, large economies. Do you lose change in the car seat or under it? Have you made more plans for the total eclipse?

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  1. I am about to travel to SC for week's holiday. When I made the plans I was not aware I would be there right on the day the eclipse goes right over me. If it is clement weather I will have a front row seat.


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