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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Little Green Soldiers

When I went to the Power Board, I immediately noticed a side table with lots of the little green soldiers like my son played with when he was a child. I am quite sure that everyone has seen these. We even had them when I was a child.

There was a sign accompanying the soldiers. It said to take a little soldier home and place it where you would see it and to pray for the military, as a whole and for each soldier, or something like that. I took one for me and one for exbf.

I do think it said something about keeping them in our thoughts not just our prayers.

That is a very lovely thought. When I reached in my pocket before I took off my pants, I was horrified to feel the two spiky soldiers because there is never a soldier in my pocket.

This was a very nice thought for the Power Board to espouse. I like it. Have you ever seen anything like this--little green soldiers with a sign?



  1. I love this!! I have a plastic tub of these soldiers sitting on a shelf downstairs. Think I will get it out and start passing the soldiers out to family and friends. I have a nephew now stationed in South Korea. And I will remember where I got the idea. Thank you Linda.

  2. tana50,
    Thanks. I was impressed by the simplicity of the reminder and the public display. Let me know about your response to the gesture you offer.

  3. I have heard of this, but haven't seen it myself. Love the idea.

    1. One,
      Thanks for telling me it is a "thing". I love it, too.


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