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Friday, August 4, 2017

Mostly Frugal Friday

Sleep came easily last night and lasted about two hours. That's not good! About 4:30 am, I ate chicken I had cooked with frozen broccoli and cheese on top. At some point while it was still dark, I decided I could not find my keys. That stressed me and made sleep impossible.

Even when I became really tired and my chest was hurting, my body would not sleep. About noon, I took something to sleep. Well, I got another three hours. I awoke to my chest still hurting me. After eating something and drinking lots of water, I felt only a bit better.

I think it was about six o'clock this evening when I found my keys. When I took the three items back to Walmart, I was $22 richer. Yesterday, I got a refund on items and was $32 richer.  I only respent $18 of the refunds.

Luckily, there were few deals in ads to tempt me to stock up. I could get Miracle Whip that was reduced, but there will be sales on MW for the Labor Day sales.

Speaking of Miracle Whip, I took it out of the refrigerator on Wednesday and was holding it with one hand when it slipped out of my hand and crashed to the floor. It was spinning round and round like a bottle in "spin the bottle". The spinning bottle flung out about a cup of MW in one glob and several little spots all over the kitchen. The whole spinning deal was quite impressive to watch. I forgot I had to carry most things with both hands!

The lid broke in pieces like it was made of glass. I still have not found all the pieces. Since I had just opened this the day before and the old jar was in the trash in the house, I just got the old lid from the trash to wash. Right now, the MW jar is covered with Glad Wrap.

On Thursday, I bought something with a $1 coupon on the top. The checker did not pull off the coupon and I forgot to tell her. This Friday morning, I was putting the stuff up I brought home last night. When I pulled the coupon off, it had expired in 2016. However, this is not a product with even a use-by date.  As soon as the customer service line was open, I called and will be getting two $1 coupons to use. YAY for the save.

The infected bite on my leg is getting better, much better. However, the med I take by mouth is awful, causing the worst taste in my mouth for hours after taking it. The reflux from the med is horrendous. The antibiotic cream is helping the other bites I have scratched, thankfully.

It is actually cool outside and my ac inside is keeping the place comfortably cool.  It was extremely hot all day yesterday and cool last night. I think it is a cold front with a reduction in humidity.

It is after 10 pm, so I think I will have oats, and buttered toast, unsweetened applesauce, and milk for dinner. I may cook something since it is so cool.

Your turn
Do you have trouble sleeping after stress, mental or physical? Are you a butterfingers when tired or injured? What is the most spectacular "drop" you have had?


  1. I have some sleep issues too. It might be due to stress, heat, or going into menopause. Usually, I sleep good one night and the other night, I am mostly awake. And, the most devastating rather than spectacular drop happened about a year ago when I smashed my favorite mug of 26 years that I had bought from an artist at a New England fair to the kitchen door. Pieces flew all over the kitchen and I was about to cry after my one of a kind mug, I so loved but then, I came to my senses. That very day a group of our soldiers were killed in action while fighting with terrorists on the southern border and I just could not cry after a mug.

    1. T'Pol,
      My sleep is never consistent either. Melatonin helps. I can understand the devastation of smashing the mug. But, putting things in perspective is healthy and certainly helps get over the loss. Thanks for that example.

  2. About once a month I have a night where I only get about 3-4 hours sleep. Can't figure out a reason, just take a short nap that day and I recover.

    Most spectacular drop - a quart of white gloss enamel paint on the newly laid floor of the newly painted entryway. The paint wss for the trim. Literally took hours to clean it up. May have taken longer as it was hard to see thru the tears. This happened about 20 years ago but my stomach still clenches when I think about it.

    1. Bellen,
      It seems like the sleepless nights are getting to be more the normal for me. But, I am embracing naps as a habit.

      OMG, what a disaster. My stomach clenches thinking of that mess. That was sad.

  3. Ouch to the drop; oh what a mess!

    1. Urspo,
      Plus, I was afraid I had left a bit and would slip and fall.


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