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Friday, August 4, 2017

I Am SOOO Tired and Irritated

Update: Before you start reading, most people were nice today. AND, I got tired of editing this after I wrote it, so forgive the many mistakes.

I left home at 1:25 this afternoon and got home at 9:30 tonight. This is a bone-tired feeling right now. The make matters worse, it got little done.

Aaargh!  How did I just break a fingernail typing? That is the kind of day I have been having.

1:25 pm
I was going to watch the group learning to play the dulcimer. The meeting started at 2 pm, but somehow I got 1:30 in my mind as the time I needed to be there, so I rushed out. Of course, I had set 1:30 as the time I needed to leave. Naturally, I arrived 30 minutes early.

2:00 pm
They were a bit late, but that's okay unless you have been sitting for 30 minutes. The guy was shocked I was there. One of the women had called him and told him the lady without a dulcimer was not coming. So, he thought that was me. Grrr.

I left and went to WM. I had to find someone to ask about three things I wanted and needed. Well, they were sort of busy since it is Thursday and first of the month. The longer I stayed there, the busier it got. It seemed I had to wait for everything. Then, the cart was dying and I had to creep to the cart place to get a new one.

The door person was new and asked me for a receipt. As I beeped-beeped along, creeping out of her zone, I told her I was getting a new cart. She demanded my receipt. I told her I was getting a new cart and just kept going. Boy, was she mad. The carts are all of ten feet past her post! And, you know I am leaving going 1 mph, a really slow getaway for a thief.

As I left the store, she was at the other door, the door I came in. I had one bag and the top was folded over. She demanded a receipt. I said, "You have GOT to be kidding me?" She gave an evil smirk and said, "I am just doing my job!" So, I showed her the receipt while she still smirked like she got me. Another cart rolled by being pushed by a woman with about five bags, all open where anything could be dropped in.

I said, "Oh, you need to look at hers. Her smirk came back and she said, "I don't have to look at hers." Sooo, I went straight back and told someone in charge that she was just harassing me since she let quite a few others pass by.

The person kept saying, "She is new." I have never had anyone ask for my receipt because I never have items in boxes just lying in the cart. If I have Cokes, I keep my receipt in hand, knowing I will have to show it. Little bitch. I told the person I did not intend to be harassed every time I was in the store.

Believe it or not, being old and being in a cart gets poor treatment from some of the snots who go to work there. She is the type who will not last long at this job.

I was going to the Thursday dinner that happens every Thursday. When I arrived, the doors were shut and the place was dark. I left last week at 6:55 and things were still happening. I have no idea what happened to night.

I needed to get to someplace before 7 and I did, but that place was dark.  The library closes at 8: pm tonight, but my getting there past 7:15 thwarted my plans of getting a new library card. They close out the register at that time, and I could not pay my $3.

I came home to try on three blouses I bought. When I figured which one I wanted, which took me almost two minutes, I left to go back and got my money back for two of them. Then, the other things I needed were hiding from me, so I had to ask for help.

One thing is all I needed from Publix, so there was that stop to make.

At some point today, I rushed back home to feed Dominique and give her water. Poor baby.

Finally, on the way home about 9 pm, I stopped to get one Krystal because I needed my stomach to hurt worse than it was. It took me over ten minutes to get to the head of the line, and I was only second because people kept pulling out of line ahead of me and behind me and going home.

When I order, the woman yelled at me that they did not have anymore Krystals, and it would take ten minutes to get more ready. I was more than a little shocked at her belligerent tone. It was almost like a threat. So, I said I would wait. She then made me leave the window and go park, flinging her arm to where I should park, way out in the dark.  I did.

Then, as I was absorbed in trying to figure out how to use the android to find weather radar, she appeared at the window. She was scary. I rolled down the window and she yelled at me again! "Next time, you park right. Don't park like this! YOU ARE TAKING UP THREE PLACES!!! I just looked confused and looked at the pavement. "Park where there are lines! YOU ARE PARKED WRONG!"

The only reaction she got was the window slowly going up. She upset me so I could barely swallow.

There was room for another two dozen cars. It appeared the two cars parked out there were employee cars.

I was complaining to exbf when he called me at 10:30, asking him what on earth was wrong today. He laughed and said I was on English and everyone else was on metric. That made no sense to me, so I just sort of laughed.

It's after 11 pm and I need to find something to eat. sigh...

Your turn
Did you ever have a day where most of the people with whom you interact are in a bad mood? Or, just stupid? Or not where they should be?


  1. Some day you had! Sorry for you Linda. I am big and tall, taller than the average male height in my country so, even if people may try to raise their voices at me, I make them re-consider at them :)

    1. T'Pol,
      Thanks. So many people were nice and helpful. These two were not. I am almost 5'8", but sitting in the cart labels me, makes me shorter, and not able to give a proper evil eye. Yes, being old does not help.

      If I need to talk to a manager for anything important like getting the refund I am due or complaining about an employee, I get up from the cart and stand. That way, I have a presence that is not short and weak. Haha, I need you beside me some days!

  2. What a miserable day! I can't stand it when someone else is having a bad day and taking it on me - which is what I suspect was happening. I would have gone home and gone into hibernation mode.
    In any case, take today to regroup, re-energize and indulge yourself with whatever makes you happy.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. I have no intention of leaving the house. I do need to return some things I bought at WM, but those can wait for another day. Right now, after three hours sleep, I think a nap is in order even though it is a little after 10 am.

  3. That was an exhausting day you had! I think if that rude person was yelling at me to park right (when it was late and no one else taking up spots like you said) I would have just put my car in reverse and re-parked and said Ok, is that good enough for you?!!

    1. One,
      I could have accidentally run over her. However, revenge is best served cold. We will see. I think that woman has mental issues. She was raving at me for showing up at the window. How bizarre is that?

    2. I should have said, "Well, bless your heart" in the most sorrowful and pitying voice I could muster.

  4. I am skilled at presenting the frozen smile that has no mirth behind it. Though it does not frighten small children or dogs, it leaves people wondering how to proceed and most choose caution. It's an effective non-offensive weapon.

    1. Anne,
      Good idea. I can do that, too, but last night, I would have just looked demented, like I was baring my teeth...hey, still not a bad idea.

  5. I read these in reverse; I hope by now you days improved.


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