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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Lock me in the store?

I thought that was what he said. He just stepped out and locked the door. But, it was a fabric store, so it was not a big deal. On the radio I purchased a coupon for $6 that gave me a $20 coupon at a fabric store. I went in today because it was the last day I could redeem it.

When a guy opened the door to the store, the owner said to me, "Do you mind if I lock you in so I can go get my car?" That shocked me. He assured me it was only four blocks. I sort of stammered and he left! Within 15 seconds of the man showing up, the door was locked behind me! Actually, I know it is more like ten blocks, at least. But, who am I to object to being locked in a fabric store with a coupon to spend? Not I!

While I was looking at fabric, I had to stand and walk. So, I settled down on a stool with a bowl of metal buttons that were ten cents each. I had picked out 40 by the time he returned. Not in the mood to buy fabric, I decided to buy notions. However, I did not want to be behind the counter with him absent, so the buttons occupied me until he returned.

For my $6 I got $20.40 worth of merchandise. Well, tax was included. I worried aloud that I owed him $.40 cents and did not want to walk to the car. He laughed and said next time I owed him.

Here is what I got for the coupon for which I paid $6:

Clover Gold Eye Quilting Needles Betweens (No. 10), 15 needles--$2.75
40 metal button--$4
Prym-Dritz safety pins, 40 pins, assorted sizes--$1.99
Prym-Dritz 40 Quilter's Safety Pins--$4.99
Clover Gold Eye embroidery needles, (No. 3-9)--$2.29
Piecemakers Beading, Fine Sewing Needles, (sizes 10 and 13), 4 needles--$1.70
rubbery thimble--$1

Obviously, Prym and Dritz have become one.

I can always sit in this store while he either cuts fabric or figures up how much of my $20 coupon I have spent. The next time I go into this store to dig in buttons, I will make sure I have not just polished my nails!

Now, I have to use strategy to be the correct caller to get this cheap coupon again! I can only get one per month.

Your turn
Have you ever heard of Clover sewing notions? Or Piecemakers? I have heard of Prym-Dritz. Would it bother you to be locked in a fabric store? Or, what kind of store would you prefer to be locked in?


  1. What is the name of the fabric store? Mom wants so new fabric and I could possibly make it a day trip for her.

    1. Anne,
      Old Sew and Sew. Email me and I can tell you how to get the coupon for the $20 coupon. This store is owned by the nicest couple ever.

  2. Mind? I would be in rapture.
    By next morning I would have a pile of things to purchase.

    1. urspo,
      The wife does alterations there, so there are machines set up, ready to sew. You could sew, too.


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