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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Eating Well

Or, maybe I just ate too much. Before 10 am I ate too much watermelon.

Today, I went to the Farmer's Market and bought potatoes and made potato salad. The rest: bbq chicken on bun with slaw, broccoli, apple/banana/grape/Miracle Whip salad, potato salad, Fordhook butter beans, tomatoes sliced, iced tea.
Tomatoes were bought at market, too.

This week at the grocery store, WM, I price-matched many things I bought.
white grapes--$0.99/lb
quart of strawberries---$0.99
iceberg lettuce--$0.98/head

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts were $1.99/lb. I bought a package for $11 and got 4 chicken breasts. this will work for me today and rest of week and when exbf comes on Friday. These were not price-matched as this was the price everywhere, so I went with the regular price.

Pasture-raised eggs (do I really believe that?) were $3.99 for 18 eggs at Publix. In the paper was a coupon for the eggs, Nellie's, I believe. So, I paid $2.99 for the 18 eggs. That is $2/doz.

Publix had a bogo for little bowls of cut watermelon. Sooo, I got two. I cannot carry or cut a watermelon safely, so I buy it cut. I can say with certainty that I have never had a watermelon as sweet as the one today.

There were no good prices on celery! At WM, celery was $1.78 or something close to that price. But, I had to have it for the potato salad...sigh.

Suddenly Salad was on sale for $0.98 and I had a coupon that made the boxes $0.75 rather than the regular price of $1.98. I love these but limit myself to eating one every six weeks or so. I bought four boxes of the Ranch and Bacon variety, the only one I will eat.

My buns for the bbq and slaw are potato hotdog buns from the freezer. Oh, I bought Oscar Meyer wieners for $1/package. That and slaw is lunch.

There may have been other things, but I started buying last Wednesday when the paper came out. I buy when the ads start and then just before they go off. That way, I can have grapes for several weeks from the last buy. Make sense?

These are my favorite things. Yes, there will be leftovers, a good thing for me.

I am staying home and inside today. So, my holiday is defined by food!

How was your Fourth of July?


  1. Linda is. Walmart going to discontinue price matching? Someone.on another blog mentioned this. I know how much time and money this saves yyou.

    1. carol,
      It is up to the manager in each store. The manager here is keeping it. He is soooo nice, too.

  2. Ok food: we have had so so luck with watermelon. I like to buy a quarter so I can see how ripe it is. We bought a whole seeded melon (very expensive) and I was very disappointed in the texture. I thought the seedless had the flavor breeded out but our best have been seedless. We are having a quiet fourth too. We used to provide the noise around here in years past but no more. Let the professionals do it.

    1. I have been shocked at how delicious the seedless ones have been. The ones with seeds are sorely disappointing. Fireworks are illegal in the city. I hope the idiots around here don't start shooting them.

  3. dull
    did paperwork, went to the gym, read some things.
    it feels like a dull sunday.

    1. Urspo,
      At my age a dull Sunday works for me, especially in this heat and with crazies on the road.

  4. I haven't had watermelon yet this year, but I found fantastic cantaloupe at the farmer's market here.
    TheHub has been working like a trojan doing pool stuff, but other than that our holiday has been easy and food based.

    1. Anne,
      I will get a cantaloupe for exbf. He loves them; I hate them. My parents did big projects around the house. We hated that. but, I became the same kind of parent. Oh, we did go to pool and watch fireworks from the pool or other low-key fun. Fourth food is a good time for me.

  5. Happy forth to you! Staying in and listening to all the fireworks. It's just after 5pm, so we have a way to go till it starts in earnest. Hopefully bed by 11pm.

    1. tana50,
      Happy 4th to you! I need to run and check to see if there is a small display in the park and go back after dark, a whole four I never get in bed that early, but tonight I might.


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