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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wednesday Leftovers From Tuesday

Since I brought a to go box from the Tuesday free lunch, I had that lunch for Wednesday.  It was delicious without the sour cream.

Dinner on Wednesday was two slices of Texas toast with the leftover Tuesday night dinner--BBQ chicken and leftover slaw on top. Texas toast on top made a delicious sandwich. I was grateful not to have to cook at all today.

Lunch and dinner for two days for two people cost me less than $2. That is about $0.50 for each of those four meals. I can deal with this type of frugality. Last week, I only bought two half-gallons of milk, bananas, and tri-color slaw mix. I made a list and never used it. Neither of these two items were on sale, had a coupon, or were reduced! Still, that was less than $10 for groceries in one week. From that $10 purchase, there is still more than one-half gallon of milk and about 1/3 of the slaw mix.

I needed the oven on for about two minutes on Wednesday night and three hours later realized it was still on. At that point I could no longer feel the ac at all. My body was wet with sweat even though I was lying still and right near the ac.

The sale papers for grocery ads came today. I look it over and make a list at next look-through. There is a community dinner on Thursday, so I suppose I will go. Why not?

Your turn
Have you found any good sales this week?  What leftovers have been on your menu lately?


  1. I never look at the sales as I buy mainly fresh produce and a just few other items like PB, tea and coffee. I do check for coupons on line for those. Hubby checks the reduced for quick sale meat and bakery items and often finds something.

    After my grandkids left last week I cleaned out and organized the freezer. Found enough beef & chicken, already cooked, to last hubby at least a week and enough bread and grinder rolls to last 3 weeks. Plus he has 5 servings, individually frozen, of spaghetti sauce. Last night he used 1 with noodles, topped it with shredded cheese and put it out in the Solar Oven to cook. Worked great and kept the heat out of the kitchen. Temp was 95, heat index 105.

    Georgia Peaches should have a good price this week so I'll be looking for them. Florida grown produce is scarce as it's not our growing season so I just buy the best I can find and the lowest price.

  2. You have saved leftovers, planned or not, very well. This time of the year, keeping heat out of the kitchen is important to me.

    I find lots of produce on sale. Most of what I find on sale is from CA or some other state, GA for the Vidalias.

  3. I lived most of my life without knowing the delight of barbecue with cole slaw on top. My mouth is watering right now. Cherries never dropped below 1.77 here so we did not over indulge. Watermelon has been good. Someone opened a fruit and vegetable stand at the end of our road. They are advertising Ohio corn and tomatoes so I will have to check them out. I crave a real tomato.

  4. carol,
    It is the only way I will eat it. If I have a bbq plate, I just shove a little slaw against the bbq and eat in the same bite.

    Since cherries are $4 or $5/lbs., I will gladly overindulge at the $1.49/lb. they are right now!

    If the produce is good, it will be handy having it so close. If you want real tomato taste in the winter, buy grape tomatoes. That is what I do when they are cheap.


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