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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Free Lunch and A Surprise

Lunch today was a huge bed of lettuce with taco sauce and meat on it. I did not have meat. Black beans, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese, and sour cream were on top of that along with a seasoned sauce on top which I did not have. I gave my chips to exbf. I had two tiny pieces of cake and unsweetened iced tea.

You know I brought home leftovers for Dominique. Plus, I brought home a go box for me. Sounds like lunch tomorrow.

Last night, I went to Publix to get milk so I would have enough to last until the first of the month. Since I had bought something that was so not edible, spoiled, I stopped by the customer service desk. Then, I wandered off and talked to another customer for an hour. When I returned to the customer service desk, she thought I had left the store. She gave me my refund on a gift card.

Then, she said brightly, "And, I have something else for you." Maybe they give a doughnut to customers who have to return something? I looked, and she had a wheel cover which shocked me. It was old and dirty! Then, I realized it was mine. She said the cart pusher saw it roll away and chased me the last time I was there. I was thrilled beyond belief.

Wheel covers are so expensive. I had just about resigned myself that I would just do without. This is a two-piece wheel cover, the kind that has a center that comes out.

So, they knew who was in the car and knew me. So, money saved and a free lunch works for me. Tonight, we are having the BBQ chicken and coleslaw and corn frozen by me.

Exbf just left. The BBQ chicken was wonderful, something prepared and sold in package, reduced to a price I could not refuse. I made the slaw and put in the same amount of salt as I put in sugar. So, it was disgusting. I added more slaw mix and Miracle Whip. He said it was wonderful, but it was still too salty for my taste. You are not supposed to taste the salt in slaw! He likes the taste of salt. I forgot to thaw the corn...sigh.

I went to the lunch with nails on only one hand polished! I have never done that before. I have started only doing one hand and letting it dry thoroughly so I can use the other hand. This ploy usually works, but the lack of sleep had me bumfuzzled.

Your turn
How have you managed to eat lately without heating up your kitchen? Any free lunches in your life? Do you often/ever loose wheel covers? Have you had good luck with retrieving them? Lose your gas cap ever? Do something silly like forgetting to polish nails on one hand? Go ahead, make my day by making me feel like not such a ditz!


  1. You sure are getting out and having lovely meals-good for you.

    1. Exbf drove me today. My knee is collapsing regularly anywhere I go. These are truly good meals, nutritious and delicious.

  2. Nope, not yet - we like warm food even when it is hot, though for lunch tuna salad works for me.

    No free lunches - but good job you! It sounds wonderful.

    As for losing things - not often. Today though, I thought I had lost my new Yeti tumbler. Luckily, I found it, but that does not happen too often!

    1. Jennifer,
      I, too, like hot meals in hot weather. Cooking them and heating up the kitchen until I think I will have a heat stroke is part of the problem. You would not want to lose a Yeti tumbler. Glad you found it. The company today was better than the delicious food.

  3. Last night we went to the air conditioned restaurant and I was at the grocery store late this afternoon picking up a few things so I got some fried chicken from the deli, which left enough for dinner tomorrow night too. My wheels don't have caps so haven't ever lost one but I did go out with a shirt on inside out once haha

    1. One,
      Going out for ac is a wonderful idea. Hey, if they serve food, so much the better. I have a long list of needs for the next car. No wheel covers is high on the list. Today, I put my panties on wrong side out, and I found that out too late.

  4. No free lunches or any other meals in our area.

    I have many frozen meal components so I pick what I want and use the microwave plus usually have a large salad for either lunch or dinner.

    Never lost a wheel cover but frequently see them displayed by the side of the road especially at a couple of corners that have a shoulder that is a couple of inches below the paved level.

    Had a co-worker many years ago who was very disagreeable and critical of everything and everyone. One day she came in with only one eyebrow done - no one said a word. She looked very odd. We were not very nice in not telling her and I still regret it.

    People at Publix are always very nice. Just wish I could afford to shop there.

  5. Bellen,
    Having all the items ready to microwave is smart. I could not have cooked yesterday if my life had depended on it.

    We have a few of those corners, and I think I know where I loosened that wheel cover! You would think municipalities would fix those places.

    I would rather go about with only one hand done than one eyebrow. I wonder when she found out. I mentioned a similar situation to a friend, thinking she would be happy. She blew up and accused me of being rude. ???

    I only buy milk at Publix and items from the sale counter. It is the only place that sells milk I can drink. They are nice.

  6. I hate to heat up my house in the summer. Today we had scalloped potatoes cooked in our very old sun oven. I bought it years ago before the prices became so outrageous. Yesterday I baked apple muffins and a few days before that some squash casserole.


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