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Friday, July 14, 2017

Coffee Freebie Small Economy And A Fail

As I listened daily to WIAT television station, I kept hearing about a giveaway. Finally, on their website I filled out a form to enter, and a month or so later received a package in the mail. They sent me a huge coffee mug and a one-pound package of Royal Cup Fancy Gourmet Coffee. I don't believe I have ever heard of this coffee before. Have you? At any rate, Exbf will love free coffee.

If you remember or don't, last year my name was drawn at another television station and I received a free umbrella. The year before I won a weather radio from another radio station.

For the price of an email, these are great deals. As small economies go, these are worth more than cents.  He will always drink coffee and I always need an umbrella! These are both consumable. Well, the way I eat umbrellas, it is a consumable--handy, too. From a TV station I also won a handy weather radio, not consumable.

Another small economy blew up. The deal at Burger King was a free cup of coffee with an AARP card. Then, when exbf had a card to use, they discontinued the deal. Boo! He gets a cup of coffee every time he leaves here. I never knew this and felt horrible.

Your turn
Have you ever heard of Royal Cup Coffee? What small economy has happened at your place? Have you won useful items, small or large?


  1. I had once clicked a link for free tea samples. Forgot all about it and what seemed like half a year later, I received about 12 different varieties. Well worth the 30 seconds to click. I brought to work for my desk supplies and have liked trying different varieties. Free coffee? Lovely!

    1. SAM,
      It has been a much shorter time, but I was surprised when I received the coffee. This IS a pretty high payout for the time involved as was yours.

  2. I love Royal Cup. One of my friends just retired from there and another still works there. Besides them being really great people both will show up occasionally with coffee, particularly when they are trying new beans.

    1. Anne,
      So, it is local? It is always nice to have people come sharing gifts. I am glad to know it is good coffee. Exbf deserves good coffee.


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