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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Corn and Neurologist

As I was preparing all the corn, all twelve ears given to me, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. The first five ears were perfection. They were full and free of blemishes. I have never seen an ear of corn that was as perfect as these. They even had one little kernel of corn on the end and a thick  "thread" attached.

The very next ear of corn had a worm. Well, that worm went to Dominique along with three inches of the end of the ear of corn.

The next two were not keepers. Only a tenth of the kernels were present, and those were small and dried up looking. Those went into a bag for Dominique on Monday. She was be in ecstasy.

The last ears were smaller but full and perfectly formed with just a bit of the end that needed to be removed. Even these smaller ears were larger than what I have bought in the store for the last few years.

I bought corn from the Farmer's Market one year. Every ear was so blemished that only half an ear here and there was edible. Worms and rotten places were abundant. I really hated to take them back to a farmer who worked so hard.

It's not that I am lazy, but after that I only bought the ears already to eat, no shuck, just the ears on a tray and under plastic. At least the ears had been inspected before I purchased them. I did try purchasing ears in the store and shucking them myself, but the quality was iffy there, too.

Exbf loves corn. He got two of the ears, broken in half and cooked to take home. Tonight his meal will be chicken, corn, Brussel's sprouts, tomatoes, grapes and cherries. Corn and tomato, both fresh, spell summer to me.

When I came home from the grocery tonight about 11 pm, the ems and an ambulance were at my neighbor's house. They left shortly with someone on an ambulance. Scary.

Today, I went to the neurologist in Birmingham. Now, I am going to have my head examined...long overdue. He said I should not still be in pain like I am.  He said he would get an MRI to see what was going on in there...oh dear.

Your turn
What vegetables spell summer to you?


  1. Real tomatoes and watermelon.

    1. Great choices! Okay, add watermelon to my short list.

  2. Tomatoes (regular size and cherry sized) fresh from the vine and cucumbers fresh from the garden.

    1. Rachel,
      Okay, the tomatoes in the kitchen are calling my name.

  3. Cherry tomatoes and snap peas spell summer to me.
    My garden is pathetic this year. I even lost a zucchini mound to rabbits. My Romaine lettuce plants, what the rabbits haven't eaten, are only as big as the nail on my lite finger. Hopefully my pole beans will do well. I lost one pole's worth to deer. *sigh* On the upside, my plum trees are bursting with fruit. They should ripen in another week or two. And, our blackberries blossoms are EVERYWHERE! But, blackberry season means the end of summer, so that can wait!

    1. Little finger, not lite....I really need to break down and buy a laptop. My Kindle has a mind of its own.


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