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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Grocery Clearance Haul and Pain Relief

Sunday afternoon, I went to Publix for my a2milk. As usual, I wandered around the clearance rack, and there I found Nabisco Red Oval Farms Stoned Wheat Thins, imported from Canada. The 10.6 oz. box was reduced to $1 from its original price of over $3. I bought two boxes.

When I arrived home, I ate one cracker to see if the wheat made me itch or made my throat start to close (ears hurt). Nothing happened, so I ate another. When nothing happened after two crackers, I ate about four more just to make sure, before I bought more. Okay, I declared them semi-safe for me to eat.

Early Monday morning, I had exbf take me back where I cleaned out their clearance rack of these crackers--11 more boxes for a total of 13 boxes. I saved 70% by purchasing these.

They are a rather large cracker, about 3"x 3", sort of bland, not spicy or salty at all, no trans fat or saturated fat, low in sodium unless you eat too many.

I sent a box with exbf and will store the rest where I am quite sure they will last until their best buy date, some the end of September and some until the end of Nov. I wonder what happened to October best by dates. ???  With 21 crackers in each box, these can be consumed in quantities that will not be fattening.  When there are so few crackers in a box, I eat fewer. The taste and texture remind me of Water Crackers. They will be great to eat with tuna salad.

More will be sent back with exbf. He ate a few on the way back home Monday and declared them good. I just now (Wednesday) stored most of them in a bin with an airtight seal. Hopefully, this will help keep them a bit fresher for the duration.

You can see the ingredients Here.


Monday night I was in such pain I could not sleep since I was running on one hour's sleep and had sat too long on the trip to and from Birmingham. Since I take nothing for pain, it was a long night. Finally, I got up and ate half the package of Brussel's sprouts that was left. There were about 10 or 11 sprouts. After 7 sprouts, the pain abated. On Tuesday I looked it up on the internet, and the Brussel's sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables reduce inflammation. Good deal!

Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, I was in pain and could not sleep. So, I got up and ate ten chocolate chips very slowly. Pain abated again. Exbf laughed and told me to go for vegetables over chocolate next time. Well, I had no more Brussel's sprouts cooked.

I prefer food over pain meds any day. Have you found certain foods reduce your pain? My pain was so intense that the level of pain did not allow me to rest at all.

Have you ever tried these crackers? Do you like Water Crackers? Do you shop the reduced or clearance bins at your stores? What is your best deal, so good you bought many of the clearance/reduced item?

Do some foods help reduce pain for you?


  1. My DH swears that eating helps with his pain. I'm not sure if it's certain foods for him or not, though. He seems to think his Mountain Dew helps.

    1. One,
      I am quite sure Mt Dew helps him because of the caffeine. Caffeine helps me. However, I don't drink anything with caffeine because of the affect of caffeine otherwise. Well, I do drink caffeine, but not much. Thanks.

  2. I have arthritis in one joint on my ring finger left hand - very painful, red, swollen. By accident I found that using Garam Masala seasoning reduced the pain/inflammation. According to what I read it's the Turmeric spice that works. Now I make sure to use a heaping tsp. of Garam Masala or 1/2 tsp Turmeric daily. The Turmeric is really good tossed with any cruciferous veg especially cauliflower. By the way, turmeric is bright orangey yellow and stains everything!

  3. Bellen,
    I have heard turmeric helps with inflammation. I wonder if the pills help? I knew it was bright yellow, but that fact was driven home the day I accidentally knocked a glass spice bottle of turmeric off a shelf and it broke, scattering the orange/yellow all over the floor. The powder just sprayed far. I was so embarrassed, but the bottle was only half on the shelf!


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