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Friday, July 7, 2017

Thursday:More Acoustical Confusion & Food Abundance & Free Lunch Friday

As exbf was coming into the house and I had gone back to car to get something, he commented to me as I came back to the side door. "You have an animal crying under the house." We discussed this for longer than necessary as I could hear nothing under the house. The cat that hangs around was meowing continuously and plaintively. I have no idea what that cat wants! Plus, there was a large bird screeching overhead, high in the hickory tree.

I heard nothing he heard. He could not hear the cat meowing or the bird screeching. ??? Finally, he concluded it was another acoustical event.

For lunch we had a hotdog on a bun and blackberries. I cannot believe I actually got to the market in time to get blackberries because I have been told they sell out as soon as the guy puts them out. We got a free worm, too. I refrigerated him. It was a splurge, but I spent $6 on blackberries.

For dinner, we had barbequed chicken on a hotdog bun, cole slaw, sliced tomatoes, Fordhook butter beans, potatoes with real butter. He said I gave him so much he could not finish it. Tomatoes he left on his plate went home in a snack bag.

He took home a massive breast I sliced, at least three meals worth. I gave him to take home strawberries, green grapes, red grapes, potatoes, Fordhook butter beans, four hotdogs, two tomatoes from market. Of course, he paid for some of that. I shop and cook. The potatoes were from the Farmer's Market and delicious!

Today, I saw a sign at a business: Free Hotdogs. Of course, I stopped and the people offered me two. I was asked to write my name and address on a list. I will be sent a $10 coupon to shop there. At home I had lettuce and tomato salad. Ooops, I forgot to send lettuce and bell pepper home with exbf.

There was enough meat for at least one meal a day for a week. The vegetables will probably make meals three days. Fruit will probably be enough for five days.

I have had way too many hotdogs this week! The hotdogs I bought at WM were Oscar Meyer and came in two zipped bags with a band around the two package of four hot dogs. I like that because I don't have to thaw out the whole package to eat hotdogs. Plus, the packages of 8 were price-matched for $1.

Your turn
What have you bought at a Farmer's Market lately? Any bargains elsewhere? Do you have a friend who does not cook and loves to take food home to eat later? Do you ever see random signs for free hotdogs?


  1. Occasionally I see a couple of businesses around here who have customer appreciation days with hot dogs and hamburgers.
    I did not go to the farmers market this week but I am planning on going next week. I would love to buy a bushel of silver queen corn to freeze.

    1. Anne,
      Do you freeze it on the cob or cut it off to freeze? With my limited freezer space, I doubt I could fit it in my refrigerator freezer, even cut off the cob. Silver Queen is great corn. YUM!

  2. In our area places like car dealers, hardware stores and Home Depot often offer free hot dogs or hamburgers. Never have taken advantage.

    Thanks for the info on Oscar Meyer hot dogs, as I never buy hot dogs. Our grandkids, ages 15 & 10, are coming for a weeks starting next week. I always try to celebrate odd National Holidays with them. July 20th is National Hot Dog Day so we'll be having hot dogs!

    1. Bellen,
      I don't seem to see many of these hot dog events. I do know Lowe's will have customer appreciation day sometime.

      I rarely buy hotdogs, either. These were $1 instead of almost $3 is the only reason I know anything about them. They are quite good. Thanks for the info on the Hot Dog day. I will eat a hotdog.

  3. Hi there! Not sure how to email u but you can reach me at!


  4. lol I don't think I have ever seen a sign for such, and I wouldn't trust it if I did.


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