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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Is There a Manic Tuesday?

Tuesday started way too early. Considering I managed Monday on 2 hours sleep, I thought I could get more Monday night. Not to be. So, I started Tuesday with almost four hours sleep. Oh, yeah, that will do for me. NOT.

I had an appointment at 9 am and awoke at 8:15 and left here clean and with a banana and milk and watermelon in me. By 10 am I was on my way home. Since there was one of the free church lunches, I sat here and waited so I would not get there too early. I arrived a few minutes before 11:30.

Imagine my surprise to find the place full and a speaker finishing his talk. This was embarrassing. Then, we got in line for the meal.

Lunch was the largest slab of chicken breast, cut or pounded to make it the same thickness. The thinnest part of the breast was 1/2 inch thick with a tiny thicker portion. The baked breast was on a bun, side of slaw, side of fruit. On the condiment table I only had eyes for the leaf lettuce and tomatoes, two huge leaves, and two slices of lettuce were all  took. I chose a slab of chocolate cake and a Coke.

The fruit bowl had red grapes, cantaloupe and one piece of watermelon. Since I hate cantaloupe and highly dislike red grapes, I saved those for Dominique plus the top of my hamburger bun. I scraped the icing off the cake and left the cake, eating the part I liked--the CHOCOLATE icing. Then, I went back and got two more lettuce leaves and two tomato slices.

With the Brussels sprouts I ate about 4 am, I figure I have a good portion of vegetables and fruit for the day. Since it is now 12:30 am on Wednesday, I will not eat more.

Once again, real utensils, real plate and glass.

A friend gave me slaw, chicken, and a portion of lettuce and tomato for Dominique, so added to my fruit and top of bun, she had a good lunch.

THEN, I was told at the pharmacy that today is Dress Like a Cow Day at Chic-fil-A. I called J and told her when she got home to come to my house in black pants and black shirt, that I had a surprise for her.

She thought it was great fun. I cut "spots" from a 42-year-old diaper, the only whiter rag I could find, and we taped them on our clothes. She laughed the whole time and said this was fun. We came back here where I collapsed from overeating chicken, and she mowed the front yard. Afterwards, I slept from 5 pm until 10:30 pm. And, I am still exhausted.

It would have been nice if the lunch and Cow Appreciation Day had happened on two different days, I am certainly not complaining.

At 7/11 they were giving away free frosted drinks, whatever they are called. By the way 7/11 is a gas station with lots of other things for sale, including their famous Slurpee. That is a frozen drink. I am thinking maybe there are people who have never heard of 7/11. Charlie said there are none in Alabama. That cannot be right!

Oh, yeah, I shopped for my birthday present.   I have my eye on a Cuisinart ice cream maker. It needs no ice or salt. I mainly want it for making frozen treats from fruit and the milk that does not upset my constitution.

Today was a full and filling day.

Your turn
Have you ever gone to Dress Like a Cow Day to get a free chicken sandwich? Do you ever have free eating occasions that come too close together? Has anyone owned, used the Cuisinart ice cream freezer, 1.5 quarts? Is the product good?


  1. Nope to the dressing like a chicken. Yes the Cuisinart freezer is fantastic, but the interior container that has to be frozen requires a good bit of freezer space. Sometimes I have enough space and sometimes I don't.

    1. Anne,
      Thanks for the help. Maybe this will motivate me to keep the tiny refrigerator freezer more organized, less just dumped in there.

  2. No, never dressed like a cow for free chicken sandwich. Have seen photos in paper of people in full cow costumes for this event - really funny.

    Couldn't believe there were no 7/11s in Alabama. Googled it, of course, and there are 6. Yesterday was FREE Slurpee day, you know on 7/11 at 7/11 :) You missed out on another freebie, but it was probably too far to travel.

    1. Bellen, Well, I cannot believe Charlie could not find it. Yes, what I posted. LOL...I suppose I miss out on lots of freebies in other states every day.


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