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Friday, June 30, 2017

Eating Strawberry Tops?

My chickens love the tops of strawberries--the green caps. I even leave a bit of berry for their benefit. That may all stop soon.

Right now, I don't have anything to whiz strawberry tops. Chickens can eat them whole. When I read an article about eating the tops and using strawberry tops in different ways, my eyes were opened.

The ARTICLE gives many ways to use strawberry tops. That bit of green is surely as good for us as other greens.

Have you ever used strawberry tops other than in compost and as chicken food? Does this article inspire you to try to eat them?


  1. I have, in the past, dried both strawberry tops and leaves to use to make tea. I had forgotten about that until I read your post.

    1. Vicki,
      This is all news to me, but it is good news. Thanks. I don't drink hot tea, but I can see how drying and powdering the leaves/tops could be beneficial.

  2. Strawberry leaves and strawberry caps are not the same thing. Leaves do make a nice tea, hot or cold. The tops - don't know but since I think they are hard to get clean, I'll pass. I'll just continue to dispose of them.

    1. Bellen,
      I was talking about the caps. I was not referring to the leaves of the plant since most of us never see those unless we raise them. I was thinking that they would be hard to clean and wondered if they needed a short soak to dislodge tiny bugs and dust/dirt.


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