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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Problems Solved

This summer, I have been stymied by where all the mosquitoes were coming into the house. Today, while holding for a call, my eyes sort of glazed over and I stared into the distance. I focused and saw it--the window was open over a half inch! And, that screen does not fit well unless I push it on tightly. I don't remember opening the window, so it must have been Spring when a breeze inside would not be humid and mosquito- and fly-filled.

That could also explain why it has seemed like the ac was not cooling or removing humidity! GAH!

The LED light on the back porch solved another problem--all the bugs drawn to light that come indoors when I open the door at night as I come or go are mostly a thing of the past. At first, I did not notice the lack of hundreds of flying insects. Then, one night, I wondered where all the bugs were. Since this light stays on all the time, I know I am saving money, too.

There are also fewer insects attracted to the lamp nearest me. Thank you, LED. With the window open and the screen so loose, more insects than normal came in.

I found LED lights for about $2 at Lowe's and bought a few.

Have you tried LED lights and noticed fewer insects are drawn to them at outdoor light fixtures?


  1. I hadn't noticed it, but now that you mention it...

    1. tana50,
      It took me months to notice. One night, I came home after dark and was dreading trying to get into the house without letting in bugs. Then, I noticed.

  2. Switched to LED bulbs in the places where we needed good, bright, light white - in particularly in the kitchen. I had noticed many fewer fruit flies/gnats but never connected it to the LEDs - thanks for the info!!

    We don't need outside lights as we have a street light at the end of driveway and the apt bldg behind us gives good ambient lighting in the back yard, but we can swarms of bugs around the street light. So I'm guessing they would be around our lights if we used them. I can't stand bugs in the house because they are so annoying with their buzzing and flying around my head and any lamp that is on. LEDs, I believe now, are the way to go.

    1. Bellen.
      That is the only thing that has happened that would change the bug population. So, it must be the cause of fewer bugs. Even the windows draw bugs if incandescent bulbs are on in the house. I cannot stand bugs in the house, either!

  3. On the positive we do not have mosiquitos
    on the negative we have scorpions.

    1. I will keep the mosquitoes, thank you!


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