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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Free Lunch and Another Tragedy

The free lunch was a summer treat--hotdogs and hamburgers cooked outdoors on the grill, lettuce, tomato, baked beans. A table had condiments. I only had mustard. Plus, I had lots of lettuce and tomato. Another table had tiny chip packages and cookies.

A woman sat at the table with me, a new acquaintance, and I got to know her better. Great conversation! Then, Reggie, son of John's cousin,  came and sat and talked. He is very funny, so the company today was great. I have known him since 1981.

I ate at 11:30. As I was leaving about 12:30, a woman I know offered me some leftover hotdogs. So, I took them. I just now ate one and a tiny package of chips. My ears are hurting so bad! Plus, I feel breathless.  I will freeze the rest. My ears and breathlessness are a great indicator of my allergies!

Dominique will get the baked beans, corn cobs, oats, and a small piece of lettuce. They wrapped a hotdog that had been dropped on the ground, telling me I could give it to my dog. They were surprised I had a chicken. She enjoyed her lunch.

Plus, I asked for a take-home lunch. Somehow, they gave me two. So, I have two hotdogs and buns, two hamburgers and buns, two tiny bags of chips, two sets of utensils and napkins, two more bags of cookies. I froze the hamburgers in one bag and hotdogs in another bag. The baked beans will be saved in another dish. I have sooo many little catsup packets.

I planned to have a hotdog and salad for dinner, but it turns out I have a meeting where the munchies will be healthy and can be my dinner. Good deal on Tuesday!


Last night, I heard that someone in our County was killed and killed in a home invasion at 5 pm. Someone in the home, also attacked, fought the invader and killed him. Plus, someone said the intruder was shot and killed, and someone said he was not shot but killed another way. Then, I heard his wife was attacked and she killed the intruder in a fight for her life.  Then, I heard that his wife was injured; another said just traumatized and in the hospital.

Steve Griffith was an attorney, not one I ever used, just a friend from so long ago and saw often over the years. The last time I saw him, he and I were buying sweet potatoes from a farmer, 40 lb. boxes at a time. I have never heard one bad thing about this man, not even grumbling or complaining.

He is a person I have known since 1974. My son and his son were in the same grade and in the same classroom when my son was in third grade.  His daughter was around the age of my older daughter. His wife and I talked at school. She is such a nice woman! I have not seen her in years, or just did not recognize

The man's name was given. Supposedly, he was mentally ill and obsessed over this attorney as one who did something to him when he was stopped for drugs. However, the attorney never represented anyone or had anything to do with the case. Well, that is what is said by many people.

Reggie told me the name as I was eating. Before that moment, I had no idea who was killed. That was a jolt to hear! Did you ever feel like there was a loud explosion in your head when hearing bad news like this? So, lunch, great company, and bad news!

The six o'clock news and a new conference here did not clear up anything I had heard and did not say how or who killed the intruder. ???

The man did not force his way into the house. He knocked on the door, mentioned a woman's name, someone they knew. Steve was sitting in the recliner as Jackie let the man in. He walked over to Steve who was sitting in his recliner, putting a bullet into the back of Steve's head. The news will come out in dribs and drabs.


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