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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tire Problems Again; Chicken Sweaterguard

chicken sweater guards

First, this was a Christmas gift from a blog follower, Stephanie. I could not find this picture at all until today. Thanks again.

A few weeks ago, I bought two new tires and had an alignment done. The owner said not to wait any longer than the end of the year to get two rear tires. On the way home, I thought the car was not right. The next day, the car was bouncing along like a basketball being dribble low and fast. The car pulled to the right. So, I went along for a week thinking this was just impossible. Since exbf had put this on his cc for me to pay back, I wanted him there. So, when he was here this week, we went back. I explained how the car drove, thinking it was the alignment or the tires were not balanced.

An hour later, the guy called and said I had a right rear tire with a bump in the tread, that I needed a new tire. So, I told him to put two new ones on and change the oil. Now, I am in a very large financial hole I need to dig out of somehow. At least I will be safe driving to Memphis for my 50th hs reunion.

Prior to buying this Malibu, I always bought Michelin tires. The tire store owner is a friend and allowed me to charge them. One time when I went in to purchase new tires, he noted how many miles I had gotten out of the tires. Workers in the vicinity of the waiting room and customers gasped. It seems I had gotten more miles out of Michelins than anyone had ever heard. The tires were not worn bald and raggedy. I had done everything by the rules as far as rotation, alignments, and tire pressure. As a matter of fact, the dealer said that there were still miles left on the tires.

I am quite sure they resold those tires. Even if tires are not roadworthy, the farm pickups that never see a public road use old tires. When I have put tires on the curb, lots of people have scolded me because the city trash collectors will not pick up tires. I have never had a tire sit on the curb longer than three days. Usually, tires disappear overnight. I always presume the tires are used for spares or put on a farm truck. We have lots of chicken farms in this county for Tyson and Goldenrod.

Did you know that farm trucks, ones kept strictly for driving across fields or farm roads do not have to be inspected, may not have lights, signal lights, mirrors, and usually have poorly performing brakes? One guy told me in jest that he just puts his foot out the door and stops his farm truck that way, sort of Flintstone-style.

Oh, I digress. When I bought my Malibu LS, I was told I that a Michelin would only last 20K miles, or something really low, on this car. I still don't understand that.

I have had three blow-outs in my life. The night before I gave birth to my first child, I had a blowout while driving alone. I trusted my husband to care for the car. Nope, I was driving on bald tires. Another time, I was single and driving on second-hand tires. Then, when I had Michelins, I awoke to a flat tire. I took it back to the Michelin place after my neighbor put on my spare. It appeared I had a blowout as I turned in my driveway It was definitely a blowout, but I never heard or felt it. The tire had been cut by something on the road and then just blew as the car lurched into my driveway..

The only thing that I really worry about is the serpentine belt.

Your turn
Do you keep up with your car's tire care? Or, does someone else? Do you have a preferred brand? Or, do you buy cheap tires or ones on sale? Have you had a scary blowout?


  1. Favorite Young Man is an auto mechanic. He does everything my car needs. What are sweater guards? They look interesting.


    1. Janie,
      Remember when women wore a sweater around their shoulders? This guard was clipped to both sides to keep the sweater from sliding off.

      I have used this one even though I had my arms in the sleeves.

    2. No, I don't remember that, but I've seen it in movies. Thanks for the information.

  2. My husband is the saint of car care...though he does make me do the drive through oil changes.

    1. Cherdo,
      I need a saint of car care! If the drive-through oil change were all I had to deal with, I would be happy.

      It has been rough through the years. I really need to find my friend, James. He gave good advice and sometimes called a friend to do my work for nothing....nice.

  3. If you remember my recent post: I haven't visited the shop yet (going this Thursday). My tire pressure alert went off, but I'm still going to ask about it.

    How much did all this cost if you don't mind me asking?

  4. The only way I am changing a tire is if I am stranded alone on a road with no help coming for hours, otherwise someone else can change it. I have this fear I will change it and the tire will fall off as I'm driving. Pretty ridiculous fear but I go with it. lol


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