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Friday, October 3, 2014

The Well-appointed....

No, not my house.
No, not a friend's house.
This is a medical facility.
Not a lobby or waiting room.
It is
the room where the machine sits for the

I have had MRIs for the last twenty years, Never have I seen such a well-appointed room with an MRI machine in it. Once, I was in the MRI room that was huge. I was in an MRI installed in a tractor-trailer. Well, the tractor was gone.

But, this is the first time I was in the MRI room with a home-like feeling. Usually, the décor is strictly clinical in rooms with machines. There was even a huge picture window where I could see the blue sky and watch the clouds. The sight was very soothing, so soothing I went to sleep about 20 times during the thirty minutes I was in the machine. I kept jumping as I started from my sleep. I just wish I could have slept for that 30 minute session!

My purse, cell phone, two coins in my pocket, and water bottle were deposited on the chair. I forgot a ring and the yellow necklace. As the machine started, I thought the necklace was going to hang me. The magnet was so strong that the necklace was painful as it pulled upward. That was a first! I emptied my pockets without prompting, but I wonder why she was okay for the necklace being on my neck even when I complained of pain. She did stop the machine and take it off me.

Another thing, the operator started the MRI machine while she was in the room. Then, she left the door open. Before during other MRIs, the operators were out of the room with the door closed before the MRI started.

Your turn
Have you ever experienced an MRI room with furniture like this? Charlie assured me there was no plants comfy chairs, little tables when he had several MRIs this past year.


  1. The MRI room was always sterile and industrial looking. Nothing homey about it.

    MRIs make me claustrophobic to the max. I was never like this, then a few years back, total claustrophobia. I can't explain it.

    1. Cherdo,
      Sterile, yep!

      I could let them slide me in with no problem. But, one day, I barely moved my arm and my elbow was 1/8th inch from the wall. I had them pull me out and reschedule in an open MRI. I can handle that. But, no more tubes.

  2. Industrial torture chambers. And the technician stayed well away.
    For a non-invasive medical procedure they do my head in. Claustrophobic - and the noise is vile.
    Yours looks like a very civilised version. Mind you, with my head in that damn machine I would never get the benefit of the picture window...

    1. Only the thought that if I scream my lungs out we will have to start the whole thing all over again keeps me still. And I understand that some places offer sedation. None that I have ever been to. Sigh.

    2. EC,
      The noise does not bother me at all. It puts me to sleep. I was in an open MRI, so I could see out the side of the machine. Once, I was told to have someone drive me. I was prescribed on 10 mg valium. I quit talking before we got halfway there...sigh. Maybe you could ask for sedation and get one pill prescribed for the trip there.

    3. EC,
      Redoing the whole ordeal is the only reason I can lie that still.

  3. When they used to ask if I had any metal on me, I always insisted I had over 40 staples and clamps (true), and they said they "hoped" they were titanium . That made me feel so much better. Now they just ask if I have a metal hip or pacemaker. STILL doesn't make me feel better. What do those people get instead of an MRI? scary.

    1. lotta joy,
      That is what I asked her--what do people do that have metal in their body? She did not answer. "Scary" was my thought, too.

      She was leading me into a room before the MRI and said, "Slip off your bra, and...."

      When I said I was not wearing a bra, she was thrilled and said she could get started. Then, I realized three guys working there heard me. Ack! Okay, so I must remember to only accept titanium into my body.

  4. I have never experienced an MRI, and hope I never will!!

    1. LL,
      I hope you never do, either. But, it is a wonderful tool if you ever do need it. Ask for Open MRI.


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