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Monday, October 6, 2014

Pinecone Wants You!

I can refer people to Pinecone NOW. If you want to get a referral, put your email address in the comments below. If you do not want to reveal your email address, tell me so in the comments below. Then, send me your email address to me via email. But, tell me below you are sending me your email address. I don't want to search for emails that I don't know are going to be in my email.

No, I cannot just tell you to sign up. I must refer you. There is no remuneration to me for signing you up.


Another thing. Don't just email me  because Yahoo makes it difficult for me to see the email address. Put your email inside the body of the email. I need to copy and paste. Otherwise, I won't be able to refer. The addresses are so faint I cannot easily type out an address using pencil and paper. I need to send you the referral letter I got. I cannot just send it to you.

subject line: PINECONE in large cap to get my attention.
body: your email address

Thanks. I hate to be so ticky.


  1. Can you refer me again? I'm not sure if I ever signed up. You have my email still right?

    1. Nope, tried to find it. Send it IN the body of email.

  2. You are awesome for helping people make more money!!!!!! Your good deed for the day.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      I would feel guilty if I did not. Thanks.

  3. I will send you my email address for a referral.


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