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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Another Cheap Find, Something I Need
make-do wristlet

Back in September, my favorite kind of change purse broke. Okay, the zipper broke. Instead of going out and buying a new one, I took out a little change purse that I brought for one of the g-daughters. It only cost a quarter on sale at WM, so no big deal. It is hot pink cloth and will do until I find what I really want and need.

Yesterday, I found this $12 WM wallet marked down to $0.50. It is plastic and will tear up and look all scratched easily and soon. I hate low-quality items. HATE! But, I cannot get to Macy's or Dillard's in Huntsville to get what I really want and is more expensive than $0.50 and still less than $12 the cheap wristlet would have cost if it were not marked down. I have bought nothing there in years, but they did carry what I wanted about ten years ago.

Belk seems to have quit stocking what I want. The value is better in Belk and Dillards. I can use dozens of this cheap wallet in the time it takes to break in a more expensive and smaller leather one.  Maybe Belk will stock what I really want, pictured below, since it is stocking the store for Christmas now.

The strap clips off this easily. /The wristlet without the strap will take the place of the little, cheap hot pink change/bill purse and another little "wallet" that holds all the cards--gift cards for WM and Pinecone, one credit card, insurance cards, driver's license, all the tiny store cards, and a very few scraps of paper with notes. This will never be carried alone, but it will always reside in my purse.

I have not loaded it up with my stuff yet. I will before I go to 50th hs class reunion. The change purse I want will not hold all my cards, just coins and paper money. Like I said, this will be inside my shoulder bag.

It is not what I want or like, but I don't have money for a leather one that costs $50-$100. Yes, I have looked at them. Even if I could afford a leather one, I do not like the style above. Plus, that much leather would be too heavy.

leather, lined, small, simple, and with broken zipper

Maybe Belk has their brand of this style in the store now that Christmas is near. the last little purse is only about 4x6 inches. The other is much larger. On Monday I will take this to the cobbler to see if he can fix it. It has life in it still.  He will probably clean it for me. I just hope I don't have to find the zipper. Hopefully, he will know how to cut a longer zipper to fit. I can do it, but can he? Maybe he has a place to order the right size zipper. (I am losing my mind because I just diagrammed that sentence in my head. Then, I made a tree diagram in my head!)

So, that is my fifty-cent find at WM. I found lots of birthday gifts for 50 cents on sale far back in the central section of WM. This and all I got could have been easily missed. There were 50 cents bras, tights, $2 Hello Kitty backpacks, and beach bag type bags.

Bottom line: When this cheap fifty-cent wallet tears up, I will not be sad and think about money wasted. If I paid $12 for it, I would be disappointed and sad I spent that much money.

Your turn
Do you ever buy a cheap version and not-quite-right version when what you want is not to be found but the cheapo version will be replaced when you find what is right? Don't you hate to buy a cheap something that tears up soon because it was poor quality merchandise?


  1. I do buy a cheapo version while I am waiting for the one I want to become available (at a price I can afford). And am often peeved to the max when they fall apart quickly - justifying their price.

  2. EC,
    You understand! In this case, cheapo on sale works for me. Glad to see you have the same feelings. Maybe I will get some Christmas money to spend. If not, maybe I will use some of what I have saved for gifts and buy me a works for me.

  3. I shop at thrift stores and yard sales and look for the cheaper versions. I get dh teeshirts at the thrift stores and many have never been worn, he gets them greasy so quickly no sense buying new. I quite carrying a purse when I hurt my back and now carry a very small wallet in my pocket but it doesn't have a coin purse, I have yet to find one with a coin section that will fit in my pocket but you've given me some ideas of where to look.

    1. Linda Starr,
      I could not do without a purse! However, finding a wallet with a secure coin section is difficult. I must admit the $0.50 wallet does! Glad I could help and hope you find what you need.

  4. I think it was a great find! I do things like that a lot, I'll wait and wait and then get something for super cheap even if it isn't exactly what I need.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      I usually keep a leather wallet or change purse for years. This one will be dead by the end of the year.


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