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Monday, October 20, 2014

Artsy Chickens' Carving

The chickens carved/pecked their own jack o' lantern.

They tried. How many chickens do you know that would take on an art project? I can see some of you rolling your eyes! You know who you are.

I bought this for $1.99 last week, just for the hens. It was price-matched at WM from Aldi's. It rolled nicely out of the car into my red wagon. When I rolled it to the back yard, I rolled it out near the back door and could not pick it up again. I was telling this to the exbf yesterday. He left to go home but without telling me he made a detour to take this to the hens and put it in their pen. He has a soft spot for them. You cannot tell but their pumpkin is about 18" tall and 16" across.

Maybe they will peck out a mouth tomorrow. I don't trust them with knives, so their pointy little chicken beaks will work tomorrow, just like they did today.

This is their fauve period. They will learn to use paint brushes in their mouths next. Fauve? "wild animals" Yes, that is what they are.

I just want to kiss my precious and precocious chickens all over! Sadly, they aren't big on hugs.

Some pumpkin info
Pumpkin in the can is usually squash of some sort. Hubbard and Blue Hubbard are two of the squashes used for pumpkin products. So, if you don't have pumpkin, use one of these squashes.

Check THIS  site for more information..

Cheese: It was fully stocked this morning in WM.

Your turn
Do your chickens make art? Do any of your animals make art except for blueberry poop. Yes, mine do that, too. yuck

Just tell me how my chickens are geniuses! Just kidding!


  1. Your chickens are geniuses and much better than those animals that just paint!!! Sculpture takes much more talent.

  2. Bellen,
    Thank you! Yes, sculpture does take more talent. I had not thought of that.

  3. Well, I've never known anyone with such talented chickens. Maybe wood carving next?

    1. Sonya Ann,
      Now you do know someone with talented chickens. I have to teach them how to use a knife, and then we are onto it.

  4. FAUVE
    I learned a new word today.

    1. Janet,
      Then, my work is done! lol I got to thinking that with the odd eye placement, maybe it is a little Cubism.


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