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Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Eye Patch

Can you see it?

No one told me about this. My friend told me it would be an eye patch. Someone told me I would have to wear an eye patch that the doctor would give me, but I thought I would look like a pirate.

This is what the surgeon had for me after surgery. Actually, I woke with this on my right eye.They gave me a little zippered pouch with another patch/cover for the eye that had the cataract removed. It keeps me from sticking my finger in my eye and rubbing. It also keeps me from pressing my eye into my hand as I lie. Well, that is what they said, but I never lay my face on my hand and never have.

I have a bit of trouble walking with this on my eye, held on by inch-wide paper tape. So, I leave the tape and patch in my bed and tape the patch on after I am in bed.

Notice the little slits on each end of the patch. It appears a person can us this like a pirate's patch by tying a piece of cloth through the slits. There are also little holes. I suppose an eye has to breathe. These holes must be eye nostrils.

Your turn
I want to know a few things. Did your surgeon/nurses give you a little zippered pouch for your cataract surgery and recovery supplies? This one had places on each end to attach a strap. Did you get eye drops, tape, and two patches? I am wondering if this is a universal practice.


  1. Haven't had this surgery yet but I think I'd prefer a pirate patch. If I'm going to have that surgery, let's play it up and draw attention to it. I love a little drama in my life:)

    1. Bellen,
      Now, that is hilarious. However, I managed the drama bit by causing it myself. The piece of fuzz in the wound and falling and getting grit in my eye after hitting my head were pretty dramatic!

  2. Mom got the same exact plastic thing for an eye patch. She was given a prescription for three different types of eye drops to be administered in different doses. We also bought the tape from the pharmacy. And no zippered pouch.

    1. T'Pol,
      My three eye drops and tape were in the pouch when I left surgery. However, two of the prescriptions caused such pain in my eye and swelling of membranes that I had to get two new prescriptions. They sure made it easy for me. I wondered if the kit was standard for cataract surgeons.


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