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Monday, October 27, 2014

The King; The Judge; The Water

The King
The Judge, yes.
He is a judge in Memphis!

I got into Olive Branch, MS at my motel about 4pm instead of 3 pm as I planned. When I went to the restroom in the lobby, the commode did not flush. After I checked in, I was told there was low water pressure because of construction.

Upstairs, I lay down for 30 minutes. Then, I removed the chipped polish and went to wash my hands. No water--not even a drip. I called downstairs and was thoroughly disgusted. The woman explained to me, like she was reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears to a little child. "You see, there is no water because construction crews cut the water lines across the street, so we will have no water."

I went ballistic. I have not seen some of these people in fifty years and I must go with a stinky bottom and dirty hair? No, not acceptable. I need water. Bring it from wherever because I just used nail polish remover and need to wash that off.

"We can send the maintenance man and see if he can find water in your room." ??? I don't need a maintenance man to "find" water in my room!!!!"  Grab some bottled water that I refuse to pay for since the room should come with water. Send it now!!

In ten minutes the maintenance man came and told me he could get two little cups, yes, that is what he said as he measured about 4 inches with each hand, and he said he could try to find water for those. I suggested a pitcher. He said it would take longer to search for a pitcher. I demanded water and slammed the door.

He brought ONE bottle of water for me to use. I washed nails with soap and nail brush. I poured some on a wash cloth and wiped my face. Then, I poured more water and used a soppy, ice cold wash cloth with no soap on my underarms and bottom. It was frigid and hurt. Nothing like going relaxed to my reunion.

I called customer care who called 30 minutes later and said they could move me two miles to Residences, a hotel that took my friend's points. I said I would move at midnight, but they insisted I move DURING the reunion. They would send someone to pack me and move my luggage since I told them I could not, would not, be able to do that in a hurry.

Finally, I slammed down the phone, rushed to get ready and barely made it.

Okay, I got the room complaint done, so tomorrow, I will continue with the fun stuff. The picture above is a hint.

Today, at six pm I went to the doctor, got a Zpak and cortisone shot in the hip.

Yes, I will complain about the water and their obvious lack of concern.

Your turn
How would you fancy going to see people for the first time in 50 years (some 5 years ago) without a shower of hair washing?  I am even tempered until someone just pushes all my buttons at once. I don't curse or call names or accuse. I try to put the person in my shoes.


  1. Giving more thought to this from yesterday. Besides complaining to corporate I think I'd complain to the city's Dept of Health. I just don't think it would be legal to 'rent' a room without water. After all, a restaurant would have to close down if there were no water. No sanitary facilities would mean closure to me.

    1. Bellen,
      I think you are correct! I was sort of unsure if the water was even sanitary, so I ran all the water until it ran clear, about 30 minutes. Even when it was not murky, I still worried.

  2. I would have made them find me another place and pay for having me moved. It is their obligation to satisfy their customer. And I would be on a letter writing campaign to their home office.

    1. Coffeypot,
      I did not realize there was no water at check in. They did. I struggled to my room, way too far for a handicap accessible room, and was unpacked with my clothes for the night laid out on the bed.

  3. I mean, at checkin. I would not have even gone to a room.

    1. sigh...and right now I am too sick to take them on.

  4. I don;t blame you for being mad about the water. Why didn't they tell you when you checked in?????
    I booked a room at an expensive hotel by Anna a few years ago and when we got there the entire place was in shambles. They were gutting it and the dust set off my asthma. I was so angry!

    1. Oh, I am sure they thought that telling me the toilets were running slow and mentioning construction was supposed to somehow convey that they were dry as a bone.

      I went to Atlanta in late March and they was no ac. They told me they had not turned it on yet, to just open the window! Trees and flowers were blooming and we were right by the interstate. I was furious, checked out and got a refund on my cc on the spot. They wanted to take care of my refund later. I was lucky and had an audience, so they "rushed" through my refund and I went up the road. I would have been ill if I had stayed there.

      I hope you got a refund.

    2. I understand a Hotel's need to update, but I want to know about it BEFORE I spend my money there. It's one thing if they are redoing rooms a floor at a time. It's another if the entire lobby is in shambles. I want to know in advance!

  5. Ditto. I'd file a report with Corporate, Dept of Health, & post reviews online (love Tripadvisor). I wonder if you can get your friend's points refunded? I'd be BEYOND livid.


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