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Monday, October 27, 2014

50th High School Reunion

In the tub

When I first saw this, I was tired from driving and very sick, so it took me just a moment to realize it was a seat to bathe.  However, there was not one drop of water at this Marriott! So, I went to my reunion, seeing some people for the first time in 50-years with no bath/shower and with dirty hair. I had to force the hotel to even give me a bottle of water for bare necessities. I got in bed to take my nail polish off and could not apply more until I washed with soap and water the residue! Icy water is not good for necessity washing...brrr.

I love grab bars!

So handy
With the seat down, bathing and hair washing was so much easier and more leisurely. Usually, I have to rush because I cannot stand for long. Plus, I stagger about and have no grab bars. I have been meaning to ask the doctor for a prescription for a bath chair.
Last Tuesday, I went to the doctor because the previous ear infection was not clear and both ears hurt! Remember, October is the month allergies keep me ill. Wednesday, I felt like I was better. When I left Friday morning, I felt pretty ill and feverish a bit. By the time the whole shebang was over on Saturday night, my fever was peaking and dropping. So, I barely slept Saturday night and asked for a 1pm checkout.
There will be more pleasant/fun posts and pictures and stories.
NOTE: We are all old!
Your turn
Have you ever seen a bath seat like this? Note how it extends for transfers. Is there a bath seat or chair you would recommend? Do you ever stay in the Handicap Accessible rooms? 


  1. I'm anxious to hear how the reunion went!

    1. When I quit coughing and fever goes down!

  2. Have never seen anything like that. Would be great to convert an existing bathtub in a private residence.

    Why no water?? Wouldn't think it would be legal to have you stay there AND to be charged for it. If no compensation for the lack of water I'd contact the corporate office.

    We once sent an e-mail to corporate office of La Quinta stating that while our room & complimentary breakfast were great there were soda cans outside at the entrance & a parked car at the entrance for the entire 3 days we were there plus the desk clerk didn't know which direction we should face to see the blast off from Cape Canaveral. They refunded our entire bill and we weren't looking for any recompense.


    1. LindaOctober 27, 2014 at 11:57 AM

      I was thinking I need one for my tub instead of a chair. Wow, that is a bad experience. With trash and incompetence comes crime.

      Really, how could a person be so unaware of the world to not know where to face to see the blast off from Cape Canaveral? I don't think I want that person serving me a Coke!

    2. Okay, I might have to go outside or look at a window to orient myself for the direction, but I would know where to look for that event if I worked nearby.

  3. I have stayed in a handicapped room twice, but it was accidental both times. It seems most hotels hold the handicapped room until 6 pm. After that time it is available. Both times we have stayed in one we were traveling and had a change in travel plans ( airport issues) we managed to snag the last rooms available and both times they were handicapped accessible. One was a wheelchair room and all I can say about it was Best.Shower.Ever. The shower stall was gigantic with 2 removable sprayers. It did have a seat for a seat transfer but we didn't need or use it.
    The other time was a multi handicapped room with flashing alarms for the hearing impaired, braille everything, and a roll in shower plus a seat transfer tub. And the room was huge!
    I would be livid about the no water situation and would be emailing

    1. The only other time was late one night and I got the last room. It wore me out with all the walking.

      The one I had this weekend had some buttons for pushing in case of any need. The seat for transfer was great, but I cannot twist and scoot because of knees and back. It was easier to hold the grab bar and raise my leg to get in and then get the other leg in.

      The points from my friend got me the room, so I will check and see if he is okay with my complaining. More about that on another post.

  4. I haven't seen a seat like that. We had shower chairs for the residents at the nursing home. They were on wheels so we could roll them to the shower and roll them back to their rooms. What's the deal with the water?


    1. Broken water pipe, broken by construction crew across the street. Yes, I have seen those chairs that sort of look like not comfortable wheel chairs, not that wheel chairs are comfortable!

    2. Those shower chairs are very uncomfortable, and people complained about them a lot. There must be a better way to give a shower to a person who can't stand up.


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