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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Not a Mint on My Pillow, But Better! Ghiradelli!

Ghiradelli on top of box

Can you believe this Ghiradelli Chocolate was on top of the box of goodies? Of course, I ate it first, like before I went through the box! I needed fortification for the exciting task. THEN, there was some Pedialyte that I drank for...well, just because. At the very bottom of the box was an identical chocolate. How clever is Slugmama?

Everything in the box was usable for me, either for myself or as gifts. Oh, I always need tweezers since I lose them so often. I do find them--under a chair cushion, in the floor of the car, just anywhere a tiny item can fall and be lost easily. thankyouthankyouthankyou for the chance to win this box! Now, I am going through the box again.

And, Slugmama has not seen the lamp I found for her and posted yesterday.

Your turn
See, you should enter her boring box giveaways! nonono That would lower my chances of winning! Do you love giveaways? What would your favorite giveaway include? Go ahead and give me your fantasy if you cannot think of anything reasonable...LOL.


  1. Hey, I saw that lamp and just want to know when it will be arriving. lolz

    I knew you'd like those couple of choccies I slipped in extra......

    1. Slugmama,
      It was soo heavy, and remember, I was running a fever and weak. Next time, okay? Marriots have good stuff, just cannot provide water!

    2. Choccies are always welcome!!!!

    3. I went through the box again on the off-chance I had overlooked some more chocolate. I found the emery boards up against the side of the box. I use tons of those and manage to "lose" a ton and a half of them.

  2. My favorite giveaway would be a month in England for me, with a car and driver to take me everywhere I want to go. As long as this is a fantasy, I would stay in a great hotel every night, and Franklin would go with me.


  3. What a gorgeous thing to receive. Useful - with some luxury thrown in...

    1. EC,
      Yes, slugmama always has a good giveaway, but this was the best. And, chocolate for a surprise.

  4. Hi Linda...I am so glad you won the Sluggy box. You deserve a nice surprise like that. I can't say the chocolate would have thrilled me as much. I am more of a grease and salt fan. But it's hard to ship that in the mail.


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