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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

For Posterity and Horrid Fence Construction

Two entries and two ribbons

I had to make this photo for posterity. I take  a group picture of my entries with the ribbons when I enter the fair.  Sooo, here is the other.

$5 for dehydrated food + $3 for photo= $8
Apparently, I looked at the wrong entries in the fair information. I do have the vegetables to eat and that leaves me still at a deficit of about $10. But, it was fun and feeds my ego or assures me I still have .
Now, for the fence. Well, the nail does not show. Stay right here while I go take another picture of just the fence. I want to show you something.


this is the top rail of the fence. See the nails that missed that 2x4 rail?

This fence was erected by a guy whose son owned the house and was horrid to me. He was flipping the house. See the nails? One day, the guy was working, nailing up the fence and left. As soon as he left, one of the boards fell down to the ground. For a week the guy came back every day and nailed up his fence--a board here and a board there as they fell down. They have the pretty side of the fence facing their yard. That seems like wearing your clothes wrong side out.

Plus, an insurance friend and a professional who builds these fences says this is an insurance liability. The woman next door said she could not imagine how a child could get up that high or really want to get up there. One day, a kid on the other side of her ran like a maniac to catch his cat. He jumped on my table by the fence, clambered over the fence using the top rail as his next step, vaulting over the fence. So, that is why and how a child would and can come into contact with all those nails that are the length of the fence between our yards.

Stay right here while I go take another picture of just the fence. I want to show you something.

huge crack between warped boards

largest crack along the fence where a hen could slip through

The woman who bought the house was adamant that this was built right. The 2x4s are lying down on their broad side. I think they should lie on the narrow side. That certainly keeps the horizontal board from warping. The people who had a professional build their fence certainly did not construct it this way. Isn't there supposed to be a 2x4 at the bottom? That would keep the fence from warping. Also, aren't screws supposed to be used for the fence construction?

Now, after much fussing, she wants permission to come into my yard and put a bottom board that will be screwed together.

Just to clarify, this is not my fence. It is in the ground less than one foot with a very little bit of concrete. The man doing this job was following his son's instructions. The son flips houses. And, they guy used a nail gun to do the nailing.

Your turn
Is that fence built right? Do you see anything else that is wrong with it? I am not an expert, but I have lived with one at the back of my house for about 25 years.


  1. You can tell just by looking at it that it is a schlock job! I've been through more than a few fence projects and if it's done cheaply, it's a bad job. I hope you are able to replace it. We just did our fence, spent a lot of money and put the good side facing out. I actually liked the supports on the inside and our two neighbors love the fence on their side too.

    Also, it's not just enough to put up a fence, you have to maintain it. If it's crap to begin with, that's not easy. But regardless, fences need yearly attention.

    Between that and wisteria, I really feel for you lady!

    1. Alex,
      That is their fence. I won't be maintaining it. And, they, new owners, aren't She argued that it was put up exactly right. Oh, I am adding an update to the post. I am actually going to use a brush killer to poison that wisteria! It does drive me crazy.

  2. The nails should be driven back through and put back in so that the points aren't sticking through. Shorter nails might be needed.The 2x4 rails should have been put in so that the 4" side was vertical in order to support the weight of the fencing. A rail should have been placed near the bottom of the fencing so that the fencing wouldn't be free to warp and be pushed aside by dogs and raccoons. This was a project by a man who didn't give a rip.

    1. Snowbrush,
      His son, who was flipping the house, taught him how to do it. I mentioned all that to the guy doing the job. He yelled at me. His son was an expert and knew how to do it. I do agree. The posts are barely in the ground, anchored with the minimum concrete and at minimum depth. New update in post.

  3. "That seems like wearing your clothes wrong side out."-I AGREE! Why do I have to let my neighbors have the nice side of the fence.
    Your fence is still nicer than ours. Well, technaclly the fence belongs to our neighbor but he is unwilling to fix it so we will be the ones paying for it. Honestly, I'm fine with it because its so bad. They are pretty poor. Both of their children passed away and they are trying to raise both of their grandchildren. He is disabled and she lost her job when everything tanked. Anyways, I'm sure that we will be here forever so I don't mind paying for it.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      In this case, I would talk to an attorney and get the fence "given" to you. These people might not be there forever, so it might be possible for someone else to take the fence down. Or, kids could take it down by abuse. I have seen that happen.

      Mine keeps my chickens in, making me happy.


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