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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Surprises and Fails

empty shelves
more empty shelves
There is a bit of overlap if you look and see the three shining gold
packages of cheese to the left of this photo
and the middle of the first photo. 

Walmart Fail: Empty Shelves

Sure, it was late on Saturday night. But, there is no excuse for empty shelves all week! I wanted Kraft Medium Cheddar Cheese Chunk, 8 oz. There was none this week at Walmart. Tonight, I was angry when I saw the empty shelves. I asked a young guy for the manager over the food department. Well, he is gone until Monday. However, the young guy said they ordered cheese and WalMart in Arkansas denied the order.

Once before, I could not find my cheese of choice because they only order 12 at a time of what I wanted and sold out before I could get there at night. I asked him with a bit of edge and sarcasm if he did not think it might be a good idea to order 12 (or whatever amount) for a store this large that was out of that cheese about 16 hours each day. They ordered 4 times as much and although the cheese runs low, it is never this low.

This is the largest Walmart Supercenter, or so I hear, in North Alabama. We have a tire and car repair center, a huge grocery center, and a garden center that has three sections. So, why can't I have cheese?

Face plant
(Written three weeks ago.) About  7:30 Thursday morning I was walking fast to go and feed the hens. As I rounded the corner of the house and was ducking to go under the clothesline, I caught a glimpse of a huge spider web. I ducked a little further and off to one side, trying to sidestep a 3 foot spider web. I heard the web when I split it. As I continued to the hens, I fought the web on my arms, nightgown, and face.

After I fed the hens, I tried to get the sticky web off my glasses and hair. The web had completely enveloped my hair that was freshly washed but dry. I also spent a good deal of time trying to flick the spider off my hair and off my gown. Well, it could have been on me!

Once in the house, for hours I could feel the spider crawling over me. You know how that goes. I was a nervous wreck. About four hours later when I tried to comb my hair, it was as though I had sprayed it with hairspray. Nasty. At least I was going to wash it again tonight!

It will take me months to get over looking for a spider between the clothes line and the bushes. Maybe the third time I crashed into it discouraged him, as it is no longer in that location. I did warn exbf that it was over the entrance to the steps leading to the basement.

My money
(Written two weeks ago) At this point, it appears I lost $180. Keep your fingers crossed that I find it. OOOPS! No, I found it in the console where I put it because I had it in my pocket! That was 18 hours of my searching every nook and cranny of my purse and places I might have put it in the house...whew.

Your turn
Have you had your share of surprises, fails, and near fails. Entertain me. Anyone want a spider?


  1. Ouch.
    One of my biggest fails was coming home very very tired. We stopped off to buy milk on our way home. I stepped out of my shoes as I came through the door. Only when my shoes didn't fit in the milk compartment in the fridge did I realise that I had hurled the milk under the bed and carried on to the kitchen with my shoes. Oops.
    Fortunately the milk container didn't break...

  2. EC,
    I had a good belly laugh over that. "OOPS" is right. I searched the house for three days and finally found the potatoes in the refrigerator. Okay, still laughing over your shoes and milk mixup. I am glad the milk did not break. Some days I am so sure my forgetfulness is Alzheimers!

    1. EC,
      Your comment made me laugh again as I put the cottage cheese into the freezer!

    2. I once hunted for close to a week for a clam shell / box of arugula only to find that I had put it into the coffin freezer in the garage!

    3. Jnet,
      Frozen Arugula, HA! Just what you need. I have done things like that. I hate it when I know I put it up.

  3. I often find an empty cup in my refrigerator. If I get up in the middle of the night, my mouth is often dry, so I'll get a quick drink. For some reason, my half-awake brain believes that's where the cup should go when I'm finished, instead of in the sink, which is where I always put them when awake.

    I would take your spider! I have a deal with the spiders in and around my apartment. If I catch them in my bedroom or the bathtub, I kill them. If they spin a web in front of my door low enough that I end up tangled up in it, I knock down every trace of it. (I'm only 4'10", so they have lots of room up high!) If they suddenly drop from the ceiling above me, they also get squished. However, they may live out their entire lives in the rest of the apartment's corners. I pretend that they don't live here, and I'm sure they pretend that I don't!

    I have never seen our local WalMart out of anything, except for recalls. That would be very frustrating!

    1. Jessnallinda,
      At one time, a spider could not live in my house. He was sucked right up by vacuum. Now, I am like you--just stay away from me.

      I can see why you put the cup "right" where it should

  4. Your Walmart has a serious problem!

    As people who have done numerous secret shopper assignments both you and I certainly recognize that something is really WRONG with the deli/dairy cases at your store. I will be interested in how this story is resolved

    1. Janet, ]
      It was the same way this morning. Tomorrow, we will see.

  5. My evil sister in Illinois once had a bat in her house. It disappeared and she never found it. If I had a bat in my house, I would move.


    1. Janie,
      Maybe your evil sister let it live there to keep you out?

    2. That is what evil people do. I think my sister let her dog sleep in my bed so I would go home. I had only been there one night and only planned to stay one more night.

  6. The Walmart thing just slays me. Is there any other reason to have a shelf in the store, if not to sell goods? Geez. Shame on employees, but mostly management.

    1. Cherdo,
      The employees had not to put on the shelves. I don
      t blame them. They were remodeling the whole store, on section at a time. However, the freezers were not emptied and not restocked. "Why cheese?" is my question. This went on for five or six days and culminated with those empty shelves.

      It would have been nice to know there would be none. I could have dragged myself into another store.


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