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Monday, October 20, 2014

It works! No More Bags


For at least thirty-years, I have read about and heard the rumors about the alternate use of PreparationH. We all know the use on our bottom parts--for hemorrhoids.

Since I am preparing for my 50 high school reunion, I have done everything but lose weight, something I need to do for my health. Yep, I have the makeup. But, nothing could cure the puffy under-eyes. There are many products on the shelves, cosmetics that promise to work. But, they were all so costly.

For years I have heard that PreparationH relieves puffiness under the eyes. So, as opposed to a costly product that no one I knew or asked had ever tried, I decided to go with a cheaper product that I have heard good things about its efficacy.

I put the Preparation H under my left eye on Saturday night, leaving the right eye for my control. The next morning the results were dramatic! The skin under my eyes has not been so smooth and flat since I was in my thirties, it seems. Yes, I have allergies and rub my eyes lots. I was in WM Sunday morning and showed it to women I talk with often. They were horrified and asked me what happened to my right eye--the untreated one.

The under eye puffiness had extended to the area over the bone, not just in the eye socket. Today, I will apply this to the area over my eye and onto my eyelids. There is not an obvious problem, but it is a bit puffy now that I have solved the under eye problem. I just need to get more regular sleep. Salt consumption is not the problem here.

Exbf was coming around noon. I applied the PreparationH and wiped it off so he could see the difference. unfortunately, that 15 minutes of application worked soon, so he could not see the full effect of improvement. He was still impressed with the lack of puffiness of the left eye.

In order to use the PreparationH, apply a portion that is the size of a grain of rice. Yes, it takes that little to work. It is a bit damp or greasy looking, so use a tissue to remove it before you go out. It  obviously still keeps working after it is wiped away.

It does work, but it is not approved by the medical community. The ingredient that works so well in PreparationH is phenylephrine, the substitute for pseudoephedrine use for nasal congestion.

Cosmetics $20+
PreparationH $3.47, I think

Your turn
Have you ever used PreparationH under your eyes for puffiness? What was your experience? Have you used a cosmetic for puffiness under your eyes, bags?


  1. It also works on a turkey neck. Waaay back (before I knew what true wrinkles were) I used it on my neck and went to work smelling like everyone's ass. After all, 82 men KNOW what Preparation H smells like. I had adjusted to the smell but it was quite "wafting" even though I wasn't aware of it.

    1. lotta joy,
      I have no plans for using this during the day. Of course, 82 men would I am just going to later this on my whole body one night.

  2. This is AWESOME!!!! How long does it work for after you wipe it off?
    And lotta joy is FUNNY!

    1. Sonya Ann,
      Yep, she is funny. I think it is funny anyone would wear this during the day.

      I put it on Saturday night and there are still no bags today. I used it under the other eye, and it looks good now, too. I am thinking once or twice a week might be what it takes. I will report back on that.

  3. I've never used it, but I've heard about it before. I'm happy it worked for you.


    1. Janie,
      Hopefully, you will never need it. Thanks.

  4. Oh, I have to try this remedy soon. The saggy bags has me concerned. Thanks, Linda.

    1. Sissy,
      I used it Sat night and today, Tuesday, it is still working. Maybe once a week is good for the treatment of bags. I imagine you will be happy with the results.


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