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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Friday Night 50th HS Reunion

Norma, Ginger, Linda


Never, ever sit the closest to the camera because it makes you look larger! Ginger wore her hair long at our 45th reunion. She had very little gray hair. She absolutely looks young. This is my hair without washing. The curling iron was useless and teasing it was not possible. Okay, I could tease it, but it was all wadded looking. AND, I tried for weeks to get an appointment to have my hair cut, and then she cut it like I had never had it cut. ???  In almost every way possible, this was not a good event. But, I tried to smile through feeling dirty-headed and greasy and stinky.

Elvis and wife

After a while the "dancing girls" came out led by the wife of our Elvis. Several of the girls in our class were recruited to "just follow me." You can imagine how funny this dancing was. 

Our class president, Frankie

I think Elvis was singing Teddy Bear as all these dancing girls wrapped their scarves around him and hugged him and ruffled his hair. From the first reunion, Frankie has presided in all black with long hair. I think this is the first year his hair has been short. He is an icon.  Since this was Friday night, not the formal night, he wore a navy blue shirt.

green lamp

Back in my motel, I spied this lamp and took a picture of it just for sluggy. This would go perfectly in her house. I could not carry it. I tried. just kidding!

The Friday night part of our reunion was just to mostly hang out and visit. There were pictures of our class reunions enlarged and on easels. You can see those behind the picture of  my friends and me.

I slept eight hours on Friday night, got up to eat breakfast and could not. So, I took food to the room and slept until noon with a low fever.

The pictures I took were few and not taken from a good vantage point. I have no problem blocking the view momentarily as others did. I just did not feel well at all.

There was an open bar and hors d'oeuvres. I only got two strawberries, grapes, and pineapple. I did not see one vegetable, but there were huge chicken fingers and Swedish meatballs and many cheeses and cheese balls. . What looked like some Mexican finger foods were left. I had a Coke from the open bar in our rented hall of the Convention Center. .

Your turn
So, that was the first night of the reunion. Does your hs class have reunions?


  1. We celebrated our 40th at the first of the summer. I felt like an old fart. Maybe it's because I am.

  2. Jess,
    Lots of people at my 50th had some serious diseases and conditions. I think it made us all feel old. Seeing my picture made me feel fatter. So, that has to go.

  3. its 25 years since i left school. i went to the 5th reunion and i felt like an uotsider just like i did at school, since then i dont know or care if there have been more. there may have been a 20th.
    i think you look good in the picture and i must commiserate on having to go feeling grotty, all the financial recompense in the world cant make up for that

    1. kylie,
      I think I loved the 5th year reunion the best. I just think people would go out of curiosity. Yes, just feeling awful about how I looked and felt was bad for me. I can at least get my friend's points back so he can use them or maybe give them to me for another time.

  4. Like Kylie I felt like an outsider at school so I have never been to any reunions. There was a 25th that I am aware of, but I have (fortunately) dropped off the radar.
    And I think you look fine, but I was sorry to hear that you didn't feel well. Not fair. At all.

    1. EC,
      I never felt like an outsider in school, but things could have been better and it had nothing to do with friends or people there. Thanks, I did not feel like I looked My hair felt greasy. No fair for sure.

  5. Hi Linda...I will jump on the soapbox too and say how could they legally rent you a room without water. They should have found everyone new hotels to stay at. Isn't that why they have insurance? Or the construction company has to pay for it? I thought you looked very nice, but can imagine how you felt. Are you glad you went with that?

  6. carol,
    Thanks. The other worst thing was they seemed above all responsibility or caring. "We can't help it." Yes, I do not regret anything about the trip.

  7. I like your outfit & the pop of yellow! How big was your HS?

    My entire school was around 800, class 180. Next year is my 10th. A Facebook group was started to gather addresses. Unfortunately, these events are supposed to be funded by money leftover from when we graduated. But the majority of my classmates stupidly elected a less than energetic class President, so we have NO $. My guess it we'll end up at a local VFW of sorts and have to pay a sizeable fee for dinner n drinks. Oh well. I still want to go. I loved High School.

    1. I thought there were 188, but someone said there were over 200 in our senior class. I paid $85 to attend this two-night event. Sign up for the committee and help make it great! The decorations were key to the success and a very energetic senior class president and reunion committee helped. They searched for people and called to get people interested and in attendance.

      We have a reunion book that lists name of people with spouse, children, place of work and such. There is a "what were you doing the last 50 years?" section. I can tell you more if you wish to hear? Oh, the committee made arrangement with a hotel for a lesser price for people coming in from out of town--a block.


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