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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I Won Two Ribbons at the Fair

Yay Me!

The worker was really accommodating, holding the jar for me.

one bag=one tray
 four bags=four trays

four bags of this!
I have to get this dehydrated tonight, so I am up too late, and just now have gotten it in the dehydrator. Each bag cost $1, so this will be $4 for all--4 bags x 10.8 oz. Let's just say 4 x 11 oz.=44/16=2.75lb. so $4/2.75 makes $1.45/lb. for these vegetables. (is that right? I don't trust myself when I am so tired. Since these are in a special bag and can be steamed in the bag, I probably paid too much. But, I was tired from almost no sleep and the stress of the project below. I will do better on the price next time I purchase these vegetables frozen.
Okay, I wrote this all on Sunday night, or to be more precise, at about 2:30 am on Monday morning, last week.

This is my other ribbon winning entry.

Third place
This was disappointing, but better than nothing. The first and second place were pictures of old buildings. Sooo, that is where I must go next time. There were about ten or more categories, so I can go from there.
Today was Senior Day. Free. I stayed long enough to take these two photos. I think I get $15 prizes for both entries, just a tad over what I invested. 

Your turn
Have you ever entered a county fair? What did you enter? What did you win?


  1. I've never entered anything at a fair. I've been banned from many a county fair.


    1. Janie,
      You made me laugh! Then, I sat wondering what would get person banned from a county fair. Care to share?

    2. If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

  2. Congratulations on your wins!
    Why are you dehydrating frozen veggies? No room in the freezer? lol

    I have never entered a fair competition. I am too lazy.... ;-)

    1. slugmama,
      To tell the truth, just to enter the fair competition and win a ribbon. I got the idea from Dehydrate2store. However, this is easier than fresh vegetables because the store frozen vegetables are already blanched. Otherwise, I would have to blanch before dehydrating. Last year, I dehydrated some free frozen carrots. The refrigerator freezer was stuffed. I have another 4 lbs. and could use the room in the freezer, so I may dehydrate those soon.

      Shucks, I bet you are not lazy.

  3. Congratulations.
    I have never entered anything. My mama won first prize at our local show for her (beautiful) lace tablecloth though. And I treasure it. And should display it.

    1. EC,
      That must be one beautiful tablecloth. Store it flat and under glass. Of course, you will have to fold it to do that. Remove it from wherever you are storing it and refold it about every six month so the folds will not break the threads. Maybe you could post a picture of it on a table so we could enjoy it for a bit.

  4. My whole family enters our stuff every year. If you enter u get a free ticket. We won three ribbons this year. Two first place one second. We have a ball doing it

    1. Wife,
      That must be fun to have the whole family enter. That way one person is not the lone enthusiast. Two blues and a red is great. Give them all my congratulations.

  5. Never entered but loved looking at all that others did. Congrats on your ribbons. Just a thought, maybe next year's judges of photos will be different and have different 'likes'.

    1. Bellen,
      That thought crossed my mind. I can enter more than one category, so that way, I could up my chances of a blue. If I could have stood longer, I would have looked at each picture like I usually do. I only looked at my picture and my jar. Sad. All about not really. Yes, it was all about what my poor back could handle.

  6. Congratulations! I love your photo and the way the veggies kept their vibrant colors after dehydration, especially the corn.

    I have never entered anything in a fair, but my nephews and I always go the neighboring county's fair every year and look at the entries.

  7. Jessnhalinda>
    Thanks. The colors are pretty. Yes, they always stay pretty close to the color, especially the corn.

    Going and looking at entries were always one of my favorite parts of the fair. We had little money for rides, not for games of chance, and brought our own sandwiches. We four children went alone and spent the day looking at everything at the Mid-South Fair in Memphis.

    I wish I could have walked around a bit today.


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