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Sunday, April 30, 2017

What I Do During a Tornado Warning

Remember, I am the only one here. If there were children here, I would do differently.

When I saw the rain and storms headed this way, I sat here on the computer, reading blogs. Then, when the huge red line finally travelled across the county west of me, I decided to do a few things.

I fed Dominique, watered her. On the way there and back, I saw more tender but strong Wisteria vines creeping across and down my path and over to the other side--perfect tripping configuration! So, contrary to what I knew was best for my back and hand, I pulled them until the part loose on the top of the grass was free and continued to pull them from the soil. Now that they are safely on the other side of the path I walk, I will stop hurting myself by getting caught in them.

The two plants I bought survived as long as they could inside with water and little sunlight. I moved a little, light table away from the rain pouring from the roof and carried both of them, two trips, to the table. I figured they would be ripped apart by the wind, but they would get water with no chlorine or other additives. They will recover from fierce winds.

I knew it might be best to try and move the car where limbs would not fall onto it. But, I waited a bit. As I sat down in the car, light, tiny mist turning into light and larger sprinkles occurred before I could shut the door. I backed the car to the end of the driveway and well away from the large oak in the front yard.

The wind kicked up as I opened the door and headed back to the house. The quick ferocity of the wind was a little frightening, if anything can be a little frightening. Isn't that an oxymoron? At any rate, the wind whipped me about and suddenly the rain came in sideways and I was walking into it.

Finally, I got to the safety of the porch, but the rain intensified and was blowing in sideways! Inside, I pulled off my drenched blouse and wiped my face and glasses. The weather channel was showing the progress of the storm. Almost as suddenly as the sideways rain started, it turned to a gentle rain.

All this time, the tornado siren near me was blaring. I sat, regaining my breath and composure. Suddenly, I heard what could be fire, a leak, or something I could not identify, light crackling. It was a skillet crackling in the kitchen. I was burning off the remnants of sausages that stuck to the cast iron. Whew! As I ran in and grabbed something and turned to get the crackling, popping remnants off the skillet, I realized I had no blouse on...not fun. Well, it was a blouse that I did not want grease spots on the front.

The tornado siren stopped before I started the last paragraph. I thought sirens were going to be more local, but this tornado warning was specifically to the north in the little rectangle according to forecasters on tv. However, the crawl said it was for all of our county. I was confused!

As I sit here, oak flowers keep falling from my hair. I found out from talking to a half-sister that her itching from the rain went away when her oak she had to run under to get into the house was cut. It seems that all these years in different homes with oaks, I was afflicted with allergy to oaks or at least the rain that washed something onto me.

I waited until the bad weather passed to cook, just in case the electricity was interrupted. Those carrots and potatoes went into the crock pot. When they come out, I will put in black eyed peas. In the meantime, I will have salad.

When bad weather and tornado warning are about, I just do things other than taking shelter.  I am in my home and can see and hear the tv. I do stay aware, just don't panic and run to a shelter, the basement, or whatever.

I got a lot done that would have probably taken me all day to accomplish otherwise! I am so happy I noticed the creeping and dangerous wisteria!

Your turn
Do you have others to watch out for in the event of bad weather? Do you make preparations and scurry about? Do you do like I do and keep an eye on the weather and just keep on with what you are doing?

Your turn
Any bad weather at your place on Sunday or with the system coming through?


  1. I rarely pay attention to the sirens because they just mean a tornado has been sighted in Jefferson county and it is a large county. Most often they are southwest of me traveling northeast, so they miss my area all together.

    1. Anne,
      According to the things I hear, the sirens are only supposed to go off in area with the problem, not for our entire county. So, I was confused today with three different messages. I suppose I will go back to doing like you do--not pay much attention to sirens. However, if I hear one is approaching Arley, I know to watch carefully.

    2. Here it is for the entire county. Citizens have requested it be spot specific but it isn't, The bad thing is that people are like I am and just go on about their business unless it is headed right for them

  2. We have no sirens so unless someone calls me it would be unlikely I'd even know!!! I gave up cable TV and just stream with Roku. Back in Iowa when I was a girl, Mom would herd us to the basement and then she would go outside and look around! YES! My cousin lived in a trailer and was scared to death of storms. She couldn't wait until she could afford a house.

    1. Nan,
      I thought all states had sirens for warnings of different things. Lots of people go outside to watch for tornadoes. We have no horizons like Kansas. There are just so many trees around, even in small towns like mine. I would be fearful in a trailer because those things don't just blow down, they blow away and roll around.

  3. I can pick up my county's police scanner on my computer. When the weather turns bad, there are weather spotters out who report on what is happening and where. I keep small carry bag that holds important papers, a change of clothes, three days worth of meds and the medical supplies I use daily, snack foods, a couple bottles of water and some cash. If anything life threatening is headed toward me, I can grab the bag and make my way to the basement. I put the bag together after there was a fire in my building and I found myself out on the street with nothing but the clothes on my back. When it comes to tornadoes, I have seen enough of the destruction they can cause. I don't fool around. Stuff can be replaced, but my life can't.

  4. That is so scary! Glad I live in the PNW where there are no tornados. All we have is the Big One (at least a 8 or 9 earthquake) due any day, plus regular earthquakes, volcanos and tsunamis. Also so much rain this winter-land and mud slides. I guess we all have our own weather hell. I am glad you keep up with the warnings when a tornado could hit. We all need to be prepared.

    1. tana50,
      Earthquakes would be my weather hell. I thoroughly respect tornadoes, but I am not one to freak out and take cover for six hours in a shelter. Some people do. I do keep a weather station on and have another that is just radar.

  5. There have been a couple of mini tornadoes here in Sydney, tornadoes are not normal for us and nobody is prepared so there has been a lot of damage done but because they were "mini" tornadoes they only affected small areas.
    Parts of the city sometimes have bushfires and some areas flood and hail storms can do a lot of damage too but I have never once been affected by any of them. It was a little bit eerie when ash and part burned eaves blew across here a few years ago but that's the closest we have got to any kind of weather disaster.

    I do take precautions with the animals and the cars when we have extremes of weather but it's probably not necessary

    I'm glad you escaped the worst

    1. It seems you have a bit of everything. Ash and embers would terrify me, more than tornadoes.

      My chicken is on her own. She is in a chain link fence that probably would not blow away. I have a cage if I ever had to just desert this place. My car sits under two trees. I can move it to the road, but there are trees everywhere!

      Getting soaked was certainly not much with what some people experienced.


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