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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Frazzled Friday

I don't know if I said or not, but a key broke in a lock, a padlock. The locksmith will charge me between $75 and $100, depending on how much they do and how long it takes.

My tweezers did not work to pull the key out. Bolt cutters cost $50. Maybe my needle-nose pliers will work. I saw a neighbor getting his mail and , yes, he does have bolt cutters. So, tomorrow he will try to get the lock off.

The problem is this is one of those round locks that resist being cut off. He has lots of tools, so maybe he can bring several to get the lock off.

I had to make about a dozen trips from the car to the house, carrying things large and small, heavy and light. So, I was exhausted. Exbf was always so good about helping me by carrying things, but today he could not.

We ate at Arby's today with a coupon for $2.99 Grand Turkey Club. I love those! We got the 50 cent cokes from a certain machine and ate in the shade with the windows down. It was pleasant with blue skies and clouds blowing along.

After all my walking to and from the car, he got a salad for dinner. The carrots and potatoes went home with him. although he had chicken on his salad, I meant to send some home with him. Soooo, that will be frozen for him. I was too tired to fix a meal at lunch or heat stuff already cooked for dinner. Ugh! Well, it was less than $7, and we rarely eat out.

A nap was whispering in my ear, so two hours later, I had no desire to cook or do anything. The nap was good, but I was still tired. He left late to go home. After a trip to WM to get a few things, I am holding down the bed! There are bags from WM that will get carried in tomorrow. Only the ice cream was brought inside. Oops! I suppose I must go back and get the fruit! sigh

Dominique gave me an egg today. YAY! Maybe by Sunday morning, I can have scrambled eggs for breakfast. There are two store-bought eggs in the refrigerator, but I want to use those for cooking something.

Where are my grey pants stored over the winter? Beats me, but I looked frantically and finally found one grey pair to wear on this very warm day.  Everything stored is in one place, except for grey pants. ???

I hung clothes on the line at 4:30 pm and forget to bring them in! Yes, it has been a frazzled Friday.

I awoke this morning to dried out carrot tops, so had to water those and keep my fingers crossed. One of the sweet potatoes in water was covered in white moldy stuff, so that was tossed. The aloe has not died.

Although I accomplished enough, things just did not go well on many fronts, many little annoyances!

However, at the end of the day it was a very good day.

your turn
Even on a good day do you ever find things are not as simple or easy as they could be? Have you had a frazzled day lately?


  1. Most days are not as easy or simple as I think they should be. Oh well!

    1. Anne,
      I think it was all the trips to and from the car to bring in perishable that did me in physically and emotionally. The exhaustion hit me in the brain.

  2. Lots of my days tend to be filled with petty annoyances.
    I hope your gray pants turn up soon. Which leads me to a question which is perfectly suited for a champion speller: Is the use of "gray" vs. "grey" regional? I remember running to my mother in second grade or so, claiming I found a spelling error in a book, when I first saw "grey." She assured me I didn't need to write the author, as either spelling was acceptable. She also had me look both up in the dictionary.
    God forbid you asked my mother or a sibling how to spell a word. You would be politely directed to the dictionary. Well, my father could ask questions like "does miscellaneous have one 'l' or two? Someone look it up for me, please." Moreover, pity the kid who left a paper lying about with an error like "it's instead of "its," or, the most mortal of all sins, "alot." As all but final projects were in longhand, we couldn't even blame it on typos!

  3. "Gray" is the American preferred spelling. "grey" is the accepted variant. I knew I spelled it with the variant and was just too tired to change it with the few keystrokes it would take.

    We were a dictionary family growing up.

    I love the way you knew when and how to use single and double quotes!

    1. We were taught how to use single and double quotes in third grade. We were also taught how to use open quotation marks and close quotation marks. Of course, I am dating myself by telling you that. These days, I don't think kids are even taught that single quotes exist. Of course, one of my children had an elementary school teacher who could not get it through her head that "a lot" is two words. She also always encouraged parents to discuss any issues "between your children and I with the principal or myself." Yes, that is a direct quote. Ugh.

    2. Meg,
      I don't think I had ignorant teachers like that. I l always asked my GED students about a lot, even more than high school students. I will guarantee you I make mistakes in my blog because I never proofread. I had to do enough of that in college, so I am too lax now.

      My friend who was a retired teacher spoke correctly. However, her daughter, a third grade teacher said things like, "We don't have no...." or I don't got..." by the way, I know that is not correct--wrong number of periods. I cringed when I realized she modeled this grammar for kids with a low SES. She damaged their chances for a future that was better.

  4. i like posts like these: they zany and mundane matters of your life. Sorry about the lock; brava about the nap.


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