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Friday, April 7, 2017

New chicks

Today, Friday, J was going to mow my yard. She was late getting here and felt horrid. She picked up really big limbs and lots of smaller ones and took them to the road. She finally commented that she would rather we go get chicks. I had mentioned doing it tomorrow. But, it took us a few seconds to get in the car and leave for the country.

The woman was getting out the 8 chicks I decided to buy. I handed one to J and told her to keep her hands around it because the wind was blowing. As I handed it to her, she said, "Will it peck me and hurt me?" There was a little panic in her voice but she took the day old chick. I just had to laugh a bit and reassured her the chick could not hurt her at all! She stood there about 30 seconds and said, "Will it poop on me?"  I chuckled and said, "Maybe."  J immediately told me to take it.

On the way to get the chicks, I had told her she could come hold them every day to help gentle them. Maybe she thought they were fierce if not held often by humans.

She enjoys feeding Dominique and getting an egg for me. Does she not realize she is walking in chicken poop in her flip flops? Well, I won't tell her.

Right now, they are in a tiny cardboard box inside a plastic box on top of the dryer. The air between the two boxes acts as insulation, requiring less heat to keep them alive. In a minute I will go put newspaper in the air space. As they grow I will give them an increasingly larger cardboard box inside the same plastic Rubbermaid type box.

I just had to write about J's reaction to the chickens being vicious and maybe pooping in her hand. I don't think I have had chicks in my hand poop on me more that three times since 2009.


  1. People who aren't used to being around farm animals sure do have some funny (to us) reactions to them. Must be the fear of the unknown. Good luck with your new chicks.

    1. Vicki,
      Not only was it funny, I was stunned she would see the day old ball of fluff and express any fear. thanks.

  2. It would never enter my head to be afraid of a day old chick!

    I was reading about your A2 milk, my daughter has had some mild allergy symptoms at times and somebody once told her to have lactose free milk. She didn't do any better on lactose free but then she tried A2 and has a lot calmer tummy. If she goes out she would prefer to have soy milk than regular. I hope you find some A2 ice cream!

    1. Kylie,
      But, day old chicks are so terrifying!

      How long ago did she try a2milk? I have decided I will put milk in a thermos if I know I will be eating breakfast anywhere. Thanks, I still have not talked to the right person at WM.

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    1. Lorraine,
      I have not yet figured out the picture posting. Oh, I can post a picture, just cannot post the one I want to post.


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