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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Mosley Escaped

Wow, two death post in a row. Keep me away from your pets!

A couple of streets over, I noticed a rabbit in a pen. There was only chicken wire over the front. Now, raccoons can reach through or rip open chicken wire. It is only for containing chickens, not keeping out predators. I told the owners about raccoons killing my chickens. They have never seen a raccoon around.

Every time I leave the house or come home, I make a little detour to see Mosley, talking to the owners occasionally. Okay, every time I see them, which is rarely, I stop to talk through the car window.

One day, around dusk Mosley was running upstairs and downstairs, fast as he could run, over and over again. In six months of watching him, he had never done that. As I turned back to the road to drive, I caught a glimpse of a wild bunny crossing the street and hopping through a yard. I figure that bunny was female, come to visit Mosley.

Finally, the owners moved the cage and his run they built so he could get to grass. Yesterday, the owner was sitting on the steps. I asked about Mosley. "He escaped."

My heart sunk. I just hope he does not cross paths with a raccoon.  At least, Mosley can run faster than a chicken and kick the raccoon.  In my heart I know he is dead.

Oh, I just realized this will post on Easter and is about a missing bunny! Such a faux pas. Maybe he escaped to make his rounds, filling Easter baskets, and will return.

I have had Easter candy for two weeks, so I doubt the Easter Bunny needs to stop here! I have had such a sinus headache and exbf is coming during the week, so coloring boiled eggs and making potato salad to have with ham may be the extent of my dinner. When he comes, there will be more. He hates potato salad, so I will eat the whole bowl of potato salad. Yum.

Your turn
How is your Easter shaping up? Candy, food, travel?


  1. I am cooking for the two of us, Son2, Mom, My Beloved Sister, and BIL. Small gathering for such a huge ham!

    1. Anne,
      That sounds like lots of yummy ham sandwiches and a few reincarnations for husband. Plus, maybe some for the freezer. Or, you could just send it home with people. Do you use the ham bone for soup?

  2. Non-traditional I know, but I have just made a pumpkin curry. And will probably live on it for a week.

  3. EC,
    It's your food, so good for you if you are happy with it. I've never had pumpkin curry.

  4. no easter here, alas, but more homework/house work.
    I leave the jelly beans etc. to you.

    1. urspo,
      No jelly beans here. No Easter candy at all. Just some Easter food!


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