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Sunday, April 30, 2017


Saturday night, I was recounting to exbf in detail a dream I had Friday night. He was amazed that I could remember so much detail. And, I knew that a blogger's picture on her blog was the inspiration. More on that in another post.

He told me about a dream he had that came true. It was not one of those dreams where you dream you will have a baby some day or a red car. That kind of dream is sort of wishful. Plus, it is something that is entirely possible in the future.

His dream:
I was in my mid teens when I dreamt this dream. In the dream I was walking in a place with crowds of people who were my age walking to and fro. There was a very tall building. I noticed a girl about 6'2" wearing a red-striped shirt. All I saw was her shoulder and arm. There was more to the dream, but I gradually forgot all but the tall girl, her arm and shoulder and the red-striped shirt. Over the years I never gave the dream a second thought.

How it came true:
I was attending Auburn University, studying to be an engineer. As I walked near Haley Hall, about 8 stories tall, I was walking with other students, all on the way to and from classes and walking on a pathway that was about the width of a road. I was heading to the building that housed science and math classes. To my side I saw a very tall girl, just her shoulder and arm, dressed in a red and white striped blouse. I remembered my dream from years before.

Me again:
That gave me the chills. I will find the picture that inspired me and write that dream for you.

Dominique gave me an egg today. Now, I have breakfast for tomorrow and enough to scramble eggs to take to the breakfast on Wednesday. I do eat more than one egg for breakfast and only have milk with it. The protein keeps me full for hours.

Your turn
Do you dream? Will you share dreams that have come true? Do you know what inspires random and bizarre dreams if you have those? Do you remember your dreams in detail? Do you dream in color and sound? Do you immediately forget dreams even if you want to remember them to relate to others? Does food, drink, or medication cause dreams for you? Do your dreams make you happy or frighten you? Is there a usual theme or subject like fear, children, or work or the past?

Now, you realize the above questions from me are a prompt to help you write about dreams. You can answer all the questions, just not with yes or no since they are not I really do expect some interesting answers.


  1. I dream about every night- at least, the dreams I remember! I have a few of the common ones like forgetting my locker combination or having to take a test and I never knew I was even supposed to have that class. Once in awhile I will dream about a deceased family member- those are nice ones- and occasionally one about my late husband where our engagement was broken! We actually were married 26 years before he died. Weird- dreams. I try to not analyze them.

    1. Nan,
      Thankfully, I never had the ones about not knowing about a test or any school-related catastrophes. Those would leave me in a cold sweat. I do try to figure out why I had the dream, like the one last night. It's amazing you still dream about the broken engagement when you did marry. thanks.

  2. I love my dreams. I rarely have a nightmare. I usually remember my dreams when I wake up but they fade away quickly unless I choose to think about them in detail. Last night's dream: I was sitting down to have dinner and was introduced to a couple already sitting at the table. I was concentrating on their faces to see if I knew them, but I didn't. They were complete strangers. When I woke up, their faces were fading away but I was very interested in the fact that I clearly saw these strangers. I wonder if they really do exist. Maybe I will see them again! Time will tell.

    1. tana50,
      Interesting! I do wonder if they will populate your dream life or real life again.

  3. I have wonderful dreams most of the time, and many times I record them. I also have two repetitive dreams that are right on the border of being nightmares. I am always glad when I wake from them.

    1. Anne,
      When a I was a child and teen, I had a repetitive dream that terrified me only I don't know what was going to happen or had happened. Over the years, I just wanted to get it over with and dream the whole thing.

      It's great you record them.

  4. Sorry, I don't analyze dreams except for cash.

    1. Urspo,
      LOL...well, just tell us about yours without the analyzing.


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