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Monday, April 10, 2017

Germinating Seeds and Stuff

April 1, 2017, was the day we put seeds in the seed pellets for J. Actually, she did all but the first one of 8 seeds in the4 pellets.

April 3--J was thrilled at the first sight at the germinating of the cucumber seeds she and I started for her "garden." Her whole garden will be a five gallon bucket. The germinating seeds were just mostly swollen seeds.

Today, April 10, 2017, I told her to bring the germinated seeds back so we could transplant them. When she arrived she was very proud of her seedlings--all about 7 inches tall and so leggy! Even they were all curled around in the sandwich bag, she thought they were doing so well. We started over.  She said she was so proud of them. Actually, she knew no better, so I should have had her bring them back sooner.

I had a cottage cheese carton ready for her to transplant them before their move to a five-gallon bucket.

Dominique gave me another egg today. I think this is nine days in a row. It must be some kind of record for laying so many days in a row with no break of one day. I am loving scrambled eggs after such a long winter of only store eggs when I could bear to gag one down.

I bent over too much in the yard on Saturday and still feel it in back knees, shoulders, and hands. I did so little and hurt so much. Got to quit that!

My dishwasher I bought on 11-11-16 needs a repair. The dishwasher no longer heats water so all the dishes are soaking wet for days. The inside of the dishwasher will be moldy and dishes not fit to eat from. Today, I put all dishes in sink into dishwasher along with dishes sitting for a week, clean and soaking in the dishwasher. It will be an ordeal to get them out tonight and dry them by hand. My back won't like this. The dishwasher lasted less than five months. I know I can leave the door wide open to dry them now that I know why they don't appear to dry at all.

After a wonderful nap this afternoon, I scorched the field peas and snaps, sticking lots of them to the bottom of the pan. At least the Brussels sprouts did not scorch. BBQ pork finished the meal. Exbf ate grapes for appetizer and dessert.

Altogether, it was a good day. Son needs to send me his new address which is around here somewhere, so I can send off gifts for next Sunday birthday.

Your turn
If you have ever had hens, have you had one lay so many days in a row? Have you ever had periods where appliances seem to give you more trouble in a short space of time? I think I have had enough appliance problems.  What is happening at your house--good, bad, or ugly?


  1. Laundry from the trip is what is happening here. I had put up all my sweaters and cold weather wear but had to take it with me to New York since it was cold and rainy there. So I had to re-wash everything and block the sweaters so they will dry without stretching and can be packed away again.

    1. Anne,
      Now, that is a chore. I don't envy you that since you had done it once. At least it is pretty and warm here.

  2. I have had pretty good luck with appliances- hope I didn't jinx myself. My refrigerator is 20 years old though and bound to die soon- that's why my sister has told me to buy a new one on her dollar. I just have been lazy and haven't wanted to look yet. At first I said NO but then she reminded me, I have let her live with me twice- the first time for almost a year- and didn't charge her a thing. Her boss gave her a huge bonus and she wants to buy me a fridge, so be it! I love gardening but since the deer eat everything I plant, it's just a few herbs for me. I'll have to buy my fresh veggies at the farmer's market.

    1. Nan,
      It works and you are buying another? I let nothing go until it is stone-cold That seems like a good reason for her to help you now.

      I would hate to have deer eating everything. I hope to have herbs and zucchini and herbs growing.

      No, you did not jinx yourself.

  3. I always appreciate these sort of posts.

    1. urspo,
      And, I appreciate comments that do appreciate these sort of posts.


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