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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Cadbury Creme Egg Recipes

These sound delicious and sickeningly sweet, I would try some of these recipes, though.

this one



Their are other sites. I googled "crème eggs desserts cakes."

I love the chocolate eggs but think the ones that have the "yolk" inside are just tooo sweet.

Russell Stover Chocolate Cream Eggs are sold separately, too. I think those would work fine, too.

If you want to win chocolate, go HERE. Sluggy from DON'T READ THIS; IT'S BORING has not only chocolate but a ton of items to be sent to the winner.

Your turn
Let me know what you make. Do you already cook with Cadbury Crème Eggs? What is your favorite flavor of Cadbury Crème Eggs? Do you ever eat the Russell Stover Stover Cream Eggs?


  1. I don't like Cadbury Creme Eggs. They are so sweet they give me a headache. Now the Russell Stover Coconut Cream Eggs and I are great friends.

    1. Only the chocolate in either one is edible. I get woozy from the other flavors that are sickeningly sweet.

    2. Next time I will try coconut.

  2. lol
    I had one to two in my life and found them so sickly sweet my pancreas went into shock for a day.

    1. urspo,
      Yes, they are sweet. Thankfully, they are sold separately so I am not tempted or compelled to eat them when they call my name from the cabinet.

  3. I crave the regular Cadbury creme eggs. They are a special treat around this time of year.

    1. Lisa,
      It is good some of the treats are not front and center year round. I do love the seasonal treats.

  4. I love the Russel Stover eggs. The kids really enjoy their holiday chocolate bars. (They are wrapped like play money: Santa Bucks, Easter money.) They enjoy the dark chocolate bars. Frankly, I think Russel Stover makes the best drugstore quality chocolate. When the boxes are $3.99 at Rite Aid around Christmas, I stock up and use them as gifts. Their truffles are my favorite.
    As for Cadbury, I dislike the creme eggs, but love their candy coated chocolate eggs. Of course, me being me, with the exception of a little bit for baskets, I try to wait to buy any Easter candy until after the holiday, when it is %75 off. That markdown will probably happen the Sunday after Easter.
    I know people seem to go crazy over the Reese's peanut butter eggs, but we have disliked them, and almost all Hershey's products since the company started adding pbr(?) It's a new preservative, I think. We feel there is no chocolate taste. I do, however, make my own peanut butter cups at Christmas, and peanut butter eggs at Easter.

    1. Meg,
      Russell Stover is really delicious. I bought the Russell Stover on the markdown, too. I think I gave it immediately so I would not get into it.

      The only Cadbury, the only crème egg I will touch is the chocolate. I won't buy the Reese's peanut butter eggs because they are just an expensive shape and more expensive than the cups.

      I'm glad you told me about the preservative because I thought I was losing my sense of taste, but only for Hershey bars! If I had more people to give to or places to take them, I might try my hand at peanut butter cups and eggs. Thanks.


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