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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Easter Egg Hunt--40 Years Ago

Our church was having an Easter Egg Hunt the Saturday before Easter. All three of my children were excited to hunt eggs, plus the church had a little party with drinks, candy and such for the kids. The eggs they hunted were real eggs I boiled.  The egg hunt was outside and drinks and snacks were in the church basement.

A couple of the mothers decided how to divide the age groups. My son was  9, so daughter was 7, and other daughter was 2. The groups were divided and each of my children were in a different group. That worked out well as the two older were competitive, very competitive.

None of the children were allowed outside the church while the eggs were hidden. The older groups were not allowed to have help from parents. However, we agreed that the little ones could have a parent with them while searching, but the parents could not help the children. Everyone was good with that.

My older two found the most eggs in their respective groups. Baby A toddled out with her basket and ran along scooping up eggs. Other parents of little ones pointed out eggs. I did not. A just kept running along and finding eggs everywhere in the lawn. I never helped her one time, not even to point her in another direction.  I am and was really strong on fairness and allowing my children to lose or win on their own.

All three of my children won prizes! Eventually, several other mothers came to me and said I should not let my children win since their father was the minister of the church. They said it was not fair to the other children, that I should take away their prize and declare other children the winners. I was stunned. He was not even present, and I would not have allowed him to help them.

I stuck to my guns on the issue, and pointed out my little girl won over kids two and three years older and I did not point out one egg. I could not keep up with her! I did point out how the mothers of little ones who were before me complaining had helped their children who were older than my little one. I could not bear to disappoint my children who went into the hunt hoping to win and did, fair and square. It would have been oh so wrong. However, the other parents were in a snit and children were crying. Parents who were poor losers were teaching their children to be poor losers.

I cannot imagine the damage that taking the prizes from my three children would have done. I never could understand how their father being the minister affected their egg-hunting ability.

My children had not practiced at all. Other parents hid the eggs!

Your turn
Would you have made your children give up prizes just because their father was the minister? Can you see any logic in taking their prizes and giving them all to another child?


  1. Definitely not fair. If they were not allowed to win, they should not have been allowed to enter.

  2. I almost never take my kids to these type of events. It just makes me so mad to see how parents help their kids and cheat. last year we went to a festival where there was a dandelion picking contest. Kids were supposed to pick the largest dandelion in a field. It was ridiculous to watch adults picking dandelions and throwing them in their kids buckets. Adults ruin all the fun.

    1. Mary,
      Why on earth were parents allowed in the field? Plus, aren't dandelions pretty uniform in size? Yes, parents just cannot stay out of child play and ruin the fun. Thanks.

      Besides wanting their child to win, I think adults like silly games. Their should be an adult competition, too. Of course, most parents would have to use "helping" their child as an excuse to have fun. They should all just back off! Thanks.

  3. I've been to many egg hunts and helped set them up also- no problem with the minister's kids winning ever! I sure hope those women weren't representative of that congregation! My church is having an egg hunt Easter before 11 AM church service; it's open to all ages up to 12. They have 3 services Easter- sunrise service with pastries after, 8:30 AM service and then a big buffet breakfast in lieu of Sunday school and final service at 11. GS is being confirmed! We welcome everyone and if a person can afford a donation for the food, an offering plate is available. There is no charge.

    1. Nan,
      I was stunned, as I have said, and I was hurt for my children who knew what happened. I could write a book on things that happened in other My goodness, you have a full day planned. I don't think I have ever heard of so many things scheduled for one Sunday. But, I suppose a person does not have to go to all. Congratulations on GS confirmation. Thanks.

  4. Good for you! Hard work must be acknowledged. Kids must learn, they cannot win all the time.

    1. T'Pol,
      Yes, true. And, we were not giving participation At times I hurt for my children's losses, but it is a part of life. Parents cannot set everything right, align the stars for their children.

  5. Replies
    1. Urspo,
      Thanks. It still stings to this day.

  6. The children of ministers are damned if they do and damned if they dont! Apparently their mothers are as well.
    I probably would have been so uncomfortable I might have kept my kids out of the competition and given them extra eggs at home. But of course it is the kids who pay the price if that happens

  7. kylie,
    Like I said, I could write a book! I was blindsided by the attitude. No, I would not have kept them at home. The other children, hunting, and competition were fun that I would never have deprived them of enjoying. I think the other mothers just thought it up on the spur of the moment. It hurt for a bit. But, my children knew nothing of it that day. When they did find out, I kept it all light, contrary to what I felt.

    I was continually criticized for things you would not believe.


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