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Monday, April 10, 2017

Healthiest Time to Eat a Banana According to Ripeness and Chicks

I like bananas any way but green. Read THIS to determine the health benefits of green to over-ripe bananas. How do you prefer your bananas?


If I am correct, Dominique had given me an egg seven days in a row. My other hens just started laying like gangbusters, only pausing one day each week. From the first four hens, I was able to collect three or four eggs each day.

Dominique obviously has had to work up to laying. At first, she just laid one for two days, skipped a day, laid one, skipped two days, etc.. It made me crazy. She must have heard me murmuring about replacing her with these chicks.

I lost one chick Saturday night, the tiniest ball of fluff you ever saw, much smaller than a golf ball. When I put them under the light, somehow the light went out. It was the switch. Then, another time it went off again. It is staying on, so hopefully, I don't lose anymore. This same little chick was standing still, swaying and not eating or drinking. The others look sturdier, if you can call a ball of fluff "sturdy." At least none of them are swaying. And, their legs work well.

Two of the chicks have huge heads. Maybe they are roosters? They were also pecking each others' beaks. All these chicks are going to the yard at three weeks. I will fix them a little house with a tiny door so they can run from Dominique and she cannot get them, their food, or their water. There is electric out there, so I can put the heat lamp on them. First, I must fix the chain link so they cannot escape! Oh, I forgot I do have a house that someone sent me that will work to keep them safe. It is too small for the four hens I had, but will be perfect for chicks.

When I wrote the above on Sunday evening, I got up to check the chicks. The light was out again.  I jumped in the car to get a new fixture, but Lowe's  and TSC were closed. Walmart no longer carries the heat lamp type fixture. The employee listened to why I needed the fixture. He suggested the clip-on lights that are desk fixtures.

I rushed home with the light, asking friend if he could come plug it up behind the washer. It is plugged up now and is clipped onto a cabinet door. The chicks live on the dryer. Friend's company had just arrived, so I asked him if he would ask J to come over. She did, climbed on the washer, and got the lamp plugged in. I put in the 60 watt bulb and gave the babies some heat. One of the larger chicks looked woozy, but is still alive.

The heat lamp will be returned since it burned out three incandescent bulbs in 48 hours. Morning will tell if three hours without heat will kill any of them.

Unexpected problems with chicks are so stressful. Cheesecake helped with the So, how do you like your bananas?


  1. I hate bananas with a passion, so I like them on someone else's plate.

    1. Anne,
      I love having friends like you because you won't eat my bananas and especially not the last banana. Exbf hates bananas with a passion.

      When I make smoothies with banana, blueberry, strawberry, yogurt and oj, he gets cantaloupe instead of banana. I hate cantaloupe with a passion.

  2. Bananas have to be on the green side for me to eat them. Any black spots and they are compost.
    I hope your chicks survive.

    1. EC,
      I cannot stand bananas that have any green at all. I can smell the green and hear it when peeling a banana. I love the ones with spots. YUM!

      Thanks. I do too! Morning will tell.

  3. I like bananas just past green. Still firm, cannot abide a soft banana they go into bread or a smoothie

    1. carol,
      I like them fully yellow to black. However, if the inside goes to the consistency of snot, I bake with them.

  4. I dislike bananas, and always have.
    We considered getting chicks again, but dh said they have to be inside with the lamp. We put them in our hot tub, but, if I recall, they are noisy. Also, we have a cat who is relevant to the master suite, (he is neutered, but will spray in other rooms) so I don't think we will get chicks. Plus, I really don't need something else to care for right now.

    1. Meg,
      More bananas for me!
      These are getting on my nerves already!


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