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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dominique is Pouting

Today was uneventful. It might have been more eventful if I had not had three electric carts die on me in Walmart. The wait was excruciating and made me leave without what I went to get. Well, it is okay because it is only Monday. For some reason in the middle of the afternoon, I decided I had to buy the specials before tomorrow because the ads would go off on Wednesday. No, it is still Monday. I had no nap to fool me. But, I have tomorrow to shop for specials that go off on Wednesday. I just need to get there before storms hit.

I heated a piece of frozen cornbread for exbf last Friday and discovered it in the microwave on Saturday. So, I put it on a plate for Dominique. She got leftover mac and cheese that did not suit me and lots of Romaine. The first thing on the plate was chicken scraps.

She rushed and grabbed a hunk of cornbread and demolished it and started on the Romaine. I came inside and looked out the window. She was pacing and not eating. She didn't even find the chicken for her to eat. She must have realized there were no dry oats. This hen ignore oats for three days when I got her. Now, she must have her chicken crack.

There were lots of blueberries in the freezer and I uncovered a Ginger Evans blueberry muffin mix while cleaning out a shelf the other day. Those mixes never have blueberries in them. They are blue apple pieces. And, I have heard the blueberries added frozen did not turn the muffins blue. I had no desire to fill muffin cups, 6 I believe, as my back was hurting so. I put a piece of parchment paper in and 8x8 pan and poured the muffin mix in the center and popped it into the oven.

It was delicious. I didn't even notice it was not muffin shaped once I got it onto my mouth. I think a half cup of blueberries in that tiny mix was overkill, but who ever had too many real blueberries in a muffin? Ice cream would have been nice, but not until I find a2 ice cream. They do make it.

Your turn
Do naps ever fool you into thinking it is the next day? Then, you rush about? No nap fooled me! Do you have chickens or animals who just won't eat familiar and liked foods if the favorite food is not served? What goodies have you served from the freezer lately?


  1. I am tired of serving stuff from my freezer, but will not stop until later.

    1. Anne,
      Well, if you think about it, that is why we put it there. Mine was getting to be a very cold museum.

  2. We have two cats that we trick to eat their dry food. If there is dry food in the bowl, they refuse to eat. They want new food. So sometimes. I pour the old back in the bag. Then put it back in their bowls. Silly cats.

  3. Barbara,
    That is so funny! Silly cats. Silly chicken.


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