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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Free Lunch and other stuff

Lunch was very good--ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, roll, and chocolate cake. Yes, there were leftovers for Dominique and she jumped right in the middle of them and scratched once to scatter them to the four corners of her pen...sigh.

As I sat there at the end of the meal and we talked, I cut Dominique's ham into small pieces for her. She likes it that way. A PhD in Poultry Science said chickens like what they are fed when they are young and want it that way when they are grown. Besides, I hate to see her pecking and throwing her meat, trying to rip off a piece.

A teacher who taught both my older children was at the dinner. There were several retired teachers there who wanted the dates and times of the other two free dinners!

There was a guy at the dinner with whom I discussed the spelling bee and a book my friend wrote. I talked this guy into entering the spelling bee, and now they are going to skip a year having one or not have one ever again, not sure.  Now, after talking to him, I have decided the format of the book I have started writing. I may knock out a chapter tonight after a nap. My friend wrote a book with chapters with an over-riding theme but no plot. That will suit me even though I have a plot book in the works, not much done.

I went to the doctor last Wednesday and still feel the same today, Tuesday, no better, and still have same degree of temp. The doctor's office had called and said the doctor wanted me to come in about my numbers for diabetes. When he saw me, he asked me why I came in! I had to explain the office staff called and said he wanted me to come in today.  Then, he remembered. lol...nice guy.

Bronchitis is not better, so he changed antibiotic. He was very unhappy with my A1C.  I went to WM before doctor and then had to return for meds. I was so tired. Inflammation causes AIC to rise, I am told, so no wonder it was higher than it should be!

Then, weary as I was, I had to go to Publix to get the a2milk that keeps me from pain and gastric distress. I have recommended this to so many people, that last week they were out. After a talk with the guy who orders, he said he would order more. So, today, there was twice as much or at least two rows of whole milk.

Of course, I tried some of what the guy was cooking and had a sample of soup. They make the best soup! I brought home a recipe from the sample guy.

I may have a bowl of oats for dinner along with a glass of milk. My stomach still hurts from sausage with MSG in it that I ate last night. Maybe I will have a grilled cheese sandwich and an apple.

Today, the skies were a brilliant blue with wisps and clumps of fluffy, white clouds. The sun shone so brightly. the whole scene was mesmerizing. Its the kind of sight I want to just drink in for hours. Of course, driving was important, too.

Your turn
Have you ever taken meds for a whole week and not felt one bit better at the end of the week? Is anyone writing a book? About what? Has anyone tried the a2milk yet?


  1. I have been writing down the stories from my childhood as well as those from my parents and grandparents with the hope that one day my grands will be interested in our family history. I suppose if I put them altogether there might be a very small book there.

    1. Vicki,
      I have stories my mother told me about her childhood in the Depression. Plus, I have other stories told me about her great grandmother that probably no one else knows. I am going to write these in emails to myself, a cousin, and a friend so nothing will be lost in my documents.

      All those stories from the past, mine and yours will be lost little by little if we don't record them. Even if your grands are not particularly, at least you know these things are recorded. Someone, somewhere is the future, even if they don't know you or me will find these pieces of history relevant.

  2. Ugh. I once took meds. for a skin condition for months with no improvement.
    I could write a book, I think. Typos aside, I am a fairly decent writer. After college, though, and my multiple thesis papers in my major,(all well received, I hasten to add) I lost the desire to write anything in depth. The research exhausted me. Today's students have no appreciation for our research methods back in the day. I remember visiting multiple libraries to find the sources I needed. Now, they are a mere click away. Fiction, though, would be a treat. If I needed a fact, I could make it up!

    1. Meg,
      I loved to read until I spent 8 years getting two BAs and an MA. Suddenly, the desire to read just disappeared. Writing papers exhausted me too after so many years. I talked to several students in grad classes years later. They never read anymore, it seems. I finally recovered and renewed my reading. Hopefully, they did, too.

      Anyone can correct your work.

      Funny, the research, while exhausting was always my favorite part of writing. No, research now is not the same game as it was then. Thankfully, I had a prof who would order books for me that I could not get from other libraries. But, I did visit multiple libraries.

      We should write something!

  3. Linda are you using a word processing program to write your book? The only program I have on my laptop is not very user friendly. I would like to write a journal before I forget everything that has happened to me. But then I think would I want someone else to find it? Maybe put a lock on it.

    1. carol,
      Until I get my own computer back, I won't have a word processor, at least not the one I want. I am going to create a group and mail it to the group--myself, cousin, and friend I trust. All the emails to myself can be set to go into one folder.

      There are moments I want to write about and forget, so I am going to get a tiny notebook and put in my purse to write down the moments to fully expound on them later, like "horse in yard" and "persimmons." Those two are memories on top, so no problem with those, but I think those few words will help me to write more and more quickly. Of course, there are the memories of children and life since divorce, all in my memory now, just need nudging.

      No one will have access to my computer, so I won't be putting a lock on my journal entries. Maybe I should?


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