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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Tuesday Lunch--Free of Course Grocery Deals

This church has a sort of religious "lesson"--short and sweet. Then, there was a lively couple. He played the guitar and she sang. Then a guy spoke and showed us his old and invaluable Bibles, giving us a history of Bibles--Wycliffe, Gutenberg, Martin Luther, Tyndale. He had priceless copies of the Bible. Interesting. We were allowed to take pictures, so I did.

Lunch was hearty. Two pieces of buttered and toasted BBQ bread, a slab of meat loaf an inch thick and larger than the BBQ bread on which they piled caramelized onions; slaw; and the most decadent dessert ever. I ate all the slaw and meat loaf and a bit of one piece of bread, and all the onions (Mine and J's).

Dessert had a chocolate cookie crust, some sort of cold/frozen filling, whipped cream on top of sliced bananas, strawberries in syrup, and chocolate syrup over all! With some pineapple the dessert would have been like a sundae. This chunk of dessert was also huge. Tea, coffee, soft drinks from a fountain set-up were available. Everyone said the food is always great with generous servings. You know where I will be on first Tuesday.

Because it is not just listening to preaching to be fed, I will definitely go back to this. J enjoyed it, but read her phone during the Bible History presentation. Mostly, it was elderly women in attendance, but that's fine.

Of course, I collected scraps from J, and three friends at the next table who go to another of the lunches.  These people are not needy or hungry people, just retired and with active minds. Dominique ate well. J ate no meatloaf because she saw onions in the meatloaf...sigh.

Afterward, J and I came back here. She was organizing canned goods and I lay down because my back hurt. Plus, I awoke two hours before the alarm this morning. I lay down about 2 pm. At 5 pm, I awoke

Oh, I ate the meatloaf and felt like I had swallowed a watermelon whole. So, a little bathroom time was in order. I will go for weeks resisting beef and then give in and regret it. When will I learn? (rhetorical)

Tomorrow, there is a new ad, so I purchased what I wanted from the sale papers. Well, it will be tomorrow/Wednesday when I post this.

This was less than $10 in groceries:

Ronco 1 lb. pasta $.99 regular price was $1.48 each. bought two.

bananas $.29/lb. Regular price $.59/lb. Do not know pounds, but it was 7 bananas.

Pineapple for $.99 each. Regular price was $2.48

cucumber $.25 each. Bought one for J. I think they were regularly $0.75 each.

Cabbage $.25/lb. Bought two heads.

Red grapes $.99/lb. Regularly $2.98/lb.

Avocado 3/$1. I bought only one because they were not good enough to purchase more and have them go bad.

Bell peppers were 3/$1 but for some reason, I bought only two. I am going to make stuffed peppers for exbf and me.

Pict Sweet frozen field peas and snaps for $.99/1 lb. package. I bought two packages. Regularly $1.38/1 lb. package. This will definitely be part of the Easter meal.

Dominique gave me another egg today. This makes four days in a row,  her record.

Good food. Good program. Good deals. Good sorting. Good nap. Good hen. Good day!

Your turn
Are you finding good deals this week? Does anyone love field peas and snaps or without snaps as much as exbf and I love them?


  1. I hit a great sale on meat....lots of discount stickers...lamb, chicken, pork and beef but I didn't buy any beef. I got 30.46 lbs of meat at an average price of .90¢ per lb. Awesome! I just wish I had room in the freezer for more. lolz

    1. Sslugmama,
      At that rate you could afford to buy a freezer and fill it. I would like to find chicken at that price.


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